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  • Shoutout To Friends

    Shoutout To Friends

    I have many friends on Twitter and would like to mention a few. Please visit their sites to appreciate their creativity, and, if you find something you like, purchase their artwork!


    Karima Osterlund

    ⭐ visit @KOAbstractArt

    From Dublin/Asterdam, Karima is an incredibly talented intuitive painter who creates with acrylics on canvas & wood, and mixed media on paper. See more…


    Natalie Baca

    ⭐ visit @nataliebaca

    From Oklahoma, Natalie is a creative artist & designer whose art has been featured in People & on HGTV. She loves texture, color and patterns. See more…


    Karen Nicholson

    ⭐ visit @Karedesign1

    From Hawaii, Karen is a talented digital artist, graphic designer, painter and photographer, also with interior design experience. Say aloha and see more…


    Bunny Clarke

    ⭐ visit @ClarkeBunny

    From California, Bunny is a creative artist who works with digital painting, photography and fractal designs, striving to convey a story in each piece. See more…

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.

  • Tennessee Bumper Sticker

    100% Weatherproof

    Printed with water-resistant ink that won’t fade or run, this bumper sticker is made from durable vinyl with a strong adhesive back that will hold up under the most severe of conditions.

    Note: truck sold separately.

    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

  • On Sale Today

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  • Summer Concert

    Summer Concert

    This graphic design features a large crowd of cheering fans at a concert, with a hot-summer gradient, halftones and shredded effect. Based on a photograph, I used Adobe Photoshop, Filter Forge and Affinity Photo to create this image – available on a wide variety of products in my shops at Redbubble, Pixels and Zazzle.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Disc Golf T-shirt

    Disc Golf T-shirt

    Have fun. Play frisbee disc golf. Compete to win. And, enjoy this cool disc golf t-shirt.

  • Reflections of Time

    Reflections of Time

    While it’s said that, the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time, it’s also possible to have too many watches! Enjoy this symmetrical graphic design of vintage time pieces, based on a photograph. Available on gifts and apparel items in my shops at Zazzle and Pixels. Please make sure to stop by, if you have the time…

  • Walking On The Sun

    Walking On The Sun

    While the odds are against this actually being the surface of the sun – probably just an empty corridor in a building, painted orange – chances remain fair that you might discover some cool stuff if you visit my shops at Pixels, Zazzle and/or ArtFlakes. Thanks!

  • Grunge Rose And Papers

    Grunge Rose And Papers

    This contemporary graphic design features a single long stem red rose, scattered papers and a grunge-textured effect. Based on a photograph, it’s available in my shops at Pixels, ArtFlakes and Zazzle. It makes a great gift-giving idea…check it out.

  • Disc Golf Basket

    Disc Golf Basket

    This graphic design features colorful rings around a silhouette disc golf basket and grass. It’s available on a variety of gifts and apparel items in my shop at Zazzle…so, check it out.

  • Concrete Structure Pattern

    Concrete Structure Pattern

    Enjoy this abstract structural pattern design on a variety of products in my shops at Zazzle and Pixels. Here are a few examples of what you’ll find…

  • Mandala Pattern

    Mandala Pattern

    This symmetrical, geometric mandala design features a muted earth tones color palette and texture. It’s available on some cool stuff in my shops online at Pixels and Zazzle. Check it out…