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  • More Bears at Cades Cove

    Driving through Cades Cove today, I turned into the parking lot to visit the Grist Mill and gift shop. A few park staff were directing traffic, and I observed approximately 50 tourists and photographers watching a family of bears – mother, and two cubs. Taking a spot to watch, the bears were situated under a huge walnut tree, feasting on walnuts – both on top of the grass, and buried under soil. The bears had an amazing sense of smell, locating buried walnuts to retrieve by digging, thereafter loudly crunching the shell to eat the walnut.

    After a spell, I walked to enjoy several historic structures on site, before retuning to see that the crowd of spectators remained in place. Joining the group once again, I now observed four bears – a new family of mother and three cubs. The previous group had all climbed up the walnut tree and were lounging on branches.

    The two mother bears wore tags in their ears for identification. Also, if you look closely at the first photograph, you can see a walnut near each bear.

  • More Deer Grazing

    More Deer Grazing

    Prints available. Photographed along the 11-mile scenic drive at Cades Cove, a popular national park in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, these two deer were part of a larger group enjoying breakfast.

  • Deer Grazing At Cades Cove

    Deer Grazing At Cades Cove

    Prints available. I photographed these three deer grazing for breakfast in a frozen field at Cades Cove, a national park in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

  • Three Bears At Cades Cove, TN

    During a recent visit to Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, I was photographing an old wooden-homestead, when people nearby began to gather along the tree-line.

    I walked in that direction to observe three bears (a mother with two cubs) climbing around in a tree. Here are a few pictures taken during their descent: