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  • WordPress Offers “Sticky” Option

    A new feature at WordPress for users with FSE (Full Site Editing) themes now provides for an assignment of blocks as having a “sticky” (fixed) position. I learned about this while reading an article at WP Tavern and have since applied it to my primary navigation, which now remains in place at the top of my web site.

    To do so, I defined the Navigation block as a Group block and set its position to “Sticky”. In the templates, I also made it a top-level element. Because I use a Cover block in my header, it was also necessary to add the following CSS (Appearance > Additional CSS) to keep the menu and header image plum…

    header {
    margin-block-start: 0 !important;


    Today, I received this notice from WordPress…

  • New Theme

    Yesterday, I changed my WordPress theme to the Full Site Editing theme called Quadrat, in part as a bug was recently discovered in the Twenty Twenty-Two default theme; it was missing the option to assign Featured Images within Portfolio Projects.

    Also, following backlash pursuant to altering plan options, WordPress has reverted back to their original offerings. It’s been noted that purchases made in the interim are intact and may be renewed as such.

    As for storage capacities associated with different plans – e.g., 13 GB with the Premium Plan – I was advised via recent Support discussion that added storage will likely be made available (at an undisclosed time) as an a la carte item for purchase.

  • A Few Site Changes


    Following my post entitled Revised Portfolio Design, I’ve once again modified my portfolio category pages, each now utilizing the Masonry Block. This provides a cleaner and more uniform display per category, but does require that each page be manually (not automatically) updated.


    Following contact with support staff at WordPress, I added custom CSS to set my primary menu in a fixed position (on desktop viewing), instead of scrolling – similar to a sticky post. Now, it’s always visible for quick access.


    Next, I changed the color of my site header, which contains the (now) sticky menu, using a #F6F4EF hexadecimal color to differentiate from the #FFFFFF (white) body. Also, to save space, I used CSS to reduce the header height.


    Having modified the header, I then added spacer blocks to the top of various pages, and also through Full Site Editing into the Archive template. This was done to correct for titles appearing too close to the newly delineated header.

  • 15 Years at

  • 14 Years On WordPress

    14 Years On WordPress

    Today marks the 14th anniversary since I began using WordPress. Prior to that, I was using the Joomla content management system.

  • New WordPress Theme

    Today, I changed my web site to use the new default WordPress theme called Twenty Twenty-One. Here’s a description of the theme:

    Twenty Twenty-One is a blank canvas for your ideas and it makes the block editor your best brush. With new block patterns, which allow you to create a beautiful layout in a matter of seconds, this theme’s soft colors and eye-catching — yet timeless — design will let your work shine. Take it for a spin! See how Twenty Twenty-One elevates your portfolio, business website, or personal blog.

    This theme was developed by The WordPress Team, which included the work of Ellen from Elmastudio – one of my favorite theme authors! Though I’ll miss the sidebar, I do like the minimal design of this theme.

  • WordPress Contributor

    WordPress Contributor

    If you’ve had a request by someone who would like to share content through your web site – per some acceptable renumeration, or other agreement – you might consider inviting them to do so by issuing them the user status of Contributor.

    Once granted, the Contributor has no publishing or uploading capability, but they can write and edit their own posts until they are published – published by the site Administrator. Learn more here: Invite People To Your Site.

  • Shoutout To Friends

    Shoutout To Friends

    I thought it would be nice to thank my friends on WordPress for sharing so many comments with me 😊 Here are three with the most remarks…

    Please visit their sites, like their content, and maybe leave a comment, too. Thanks!

  • New Most Likes Record

    New Most Likes Record

    It’s only 12:45 pm, and I just set a personal record for “most likes” on my web site in a single day…359. In 2021, I’ve had 1948 views (currently 484, today). A good start so far.

    UPDATE: in review, my new record for “most likes” is now 580.

  • WordPress Trivia

    As a user of WordPress, it may at times be advantageous to invite people to contribute to your web site. And, it’s also easy – visit this link to invite people to your site. Make sure to include the correct email address which that user has registered on WordPress.

    Also, you may not know that there are over 40,000 beautiful and useful copyright-free images which you can use on your site. These are provided courtesy of Pexels and can easily be added to your content – visit this link with information on how to use the free photo library.

    Themes. There are many themes available for WordPress users, dependent on which membership plan you have – visit this link to see WordPress themes.

  • 13 Years On WordPress

    13 Years On WordPress

    Starting with Bluehost using HTML through trial and error to design simple web sites led me to the Joomla content management system. After a few years, though, it became apparent that the WordPress platform was more extensible & user friendly.

  • Favorite #WordPress Theme Designers

    As a graphic artist, I prefer WordPress themes which are designed to showcase portfolio items. I’m also a big fan of minimal design with ample white space.

    That said, two of my favorite theme designers are Elmastudio and Anders Noren.

  • Real Estate Web Site And Flyer

    Real Estate Web Site And Flyer

    I’ve recently completed a web site and designed a flyer for clients seeking to sell their condominium FSBO (for sale by owner) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I used WordPress to design their site and FedEx to print the flyers. The clients were pleased with the work, as was I – success!