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  • Boat in a Bottle

    Boat in a Bottle

    I’ve always wondered how a sailboat could fit inside a glass bottle, not to mention an entire ocean? This photograph features a vintage round-bottom bottle from my collection, and you can enjoy my collage on a variety of great gifts, prints and apparel in the following shops:

  • Design Samples – Vol. 19

    Miscellaneous Collection

    You can see more when visiting my gallery at Fine Art America

  • Throwback Thursday

    In the mid-1990’s, I took a road trip with a friend from Kalamazoo, Michigan, to visit another friend living in Amherst, Massachusetts. While canoeing, we happened upon a rock face at waters edge. Two of us jumped at the same time from a 30-foot cliff, my friend (top) appearing to defy gravity having used a rope swing, while I simply dropped like a rock. Geronimo!

  • Detroit Yacht Club

    Detroit Yacht Club

    This vintage photograph of the DYC was taken on Belle Isle, in Detroit, Michigan. It’s available on a wide variety of cool products in the following shops: Pixels, Redbubble and ArtFlakes. Thanks for visiting!

  • Big Air

    Big Air

    Enjoy this vintage photograph featuring an extreme sport jet-skier catching big air on the waves of Lake Michigan. You can find a variety of cool products available as gifts and apparel in my shops, here:

  • Riding Waves on Lake Michigan

    Riding Waves on Lake Michigan

    The year was 2010. It was a cloudy day in early autumn when I visited the Holland State Park, located in Holland, Michigan, along the north side of the channel between Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa. I turned to photograph the historic Big Red Lighthouse on the opposing pier, as well as the picturesque southern shoreline, when, to my surprise, I spotted someone riding waves – catching big air!

    If you’d be interested in a print, please visit my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Sailing At Sunset

    Sailing At Sunset

    This photograph was taken at Hermosa Beach, California, and features a sailboat on the horizon of the Pacific Ocean at sunset. I’ve added it to my gallery at Fine Art America – drop by for a visit, sometime…

  • Ice Water

    Ice Water

    This wintertime photography of the Huron River was taken at Cascade Falls in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s a popular local spot in the summer for kayaking, canoeing and floating downstream on inner-tubes. I’ve now added this picture to my gallery at Fine Art America. So, stop by for a visiting when you’re in the area…

  • Sailing Into The Sunset

    Sailing Into The Sunset

    Enjoy this textural ocean photograph of an adventurous sailboat traveling into a sunset among scattered islands. Guests may review a variety of prints available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Perfect for your home, office, cafeteria or lobby!

  • Sailboats In Dock

    Sailboats In Dock

    Enjoy this photography of sailboats in dock. I shot this picture at the harbor of Marquette, in Michigan’s upper peninsula, and added several textural effects to create a vintage appearance. Guests may visit my gallery at Fine Art America to discover a variety of print and other items available print on demand. Thanks for stopping by!

  • A Sailboat At Sea

    Enjoy this digital artwork featuring a sailboat leaving the harbor for an open-seas adventure! Based on a photograph. Guests are encouraged to visit my galleries at Society 6, Redbubble and/or Zazzle for great gifts and apparel with this image, including these samples:

  • Sailboats In Dock At DYC On Belle Isle

    Sailboats In Dock At DYC On Belle Isle

    Based on a summer photograph taken at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan, this abstract image features several sailboats in dock. I used Adobe Photoshop and Filter Forge, as well as adjustment layers and textural overlays, to create this design. If you’d like to see more, then visit my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Ann Arbor Argo Cascades

    Ann Arbor Argo Cascades

    This photograph highlights the upper pool of Ann Arbor’s Argo Cascades, a manmade series of eight connected pools with cascade-falls between each. Popular among kayakers and folks using inflated floatables, this waterway is fed by the Huron River (42.290809, -83.745073), into which users return at the end. Visit my gallery at Pixels!

  • Summertime Boats In Dock

    Summertime Boats In Dock

    Enjoy this summer scene of boats moored to marina piers in the Lake Superior harbor town of Marquette, in Michigan’s upper peninsula. Based on a photograph, this colorful picture would make a fine decorative addition to any wall in your home, or at the office. Beyond prints, many other items are also available in my galleries: Pixels and Society 6. Stop by for a visit…

  • Sailing On The Pacific Ocean

    Sailing On The Pacific Ocean

    This photograph of saturated colors features sailboats on the Pacific Ocean under a glowing moon, with sandy California beaches in the foreground. Many print types (framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, posters) are available in my gallery at Pixels, as well as other items…check it out!