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  • Poem of Wishing

    Poem of Wishing

    Wishing She Was Here

    I tossed a coin
    Into the drink
    Then, saw it splash
    And watched it sink

    To make a wish
    I hope comes true
    Deep in my heart
    – I dream of you

    Forgive me, please
    I carry on
    It happens all the time

    These thoughts of you
    Warming my day
    My love flows into rhyme

    I’ll blow a kiss
    Across the sea
    Wrapped with a bow
    To you, from me

    Until we meet
    Please hold it near
    And know that I
    wish you were here

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

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  • A Long Hike

    A Long Hike

    After traveling thousands of miles around the world, it appeared that the final 50 miles would be the most difficult. For her love, however, no distance was too great and worth every bead of sweat…

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  • Poem: Two Hearts

    Poem: Two Hearts

    She found her heart one day beneath an old sweater
    That was lost in the attic of her yesteryear
    Collecting dust of memories long forgotten
    She took it back for want of love that she found pure

    Across the sea
    4000 miles
    Another heart did beat

    In a young man
    Whose love for her
    Would make their lives complete

    Together they would rule the world
    Two hearts, one love intwined
    To share this blessing they have found
    Heaven on earth, defined

    Holding hands in the park
    sipping wine after dark
    They were married last spring

    Now, they live happily by the ocean in a unique home which he built out of several shipping containers. She’s a thriving romance novelist, writing from her office which opens to a courtyard garden, in the center of their house. Together, they share stories in real time – a day in the lives of two dreamers who took a chance to embrace true love.

    The best is yet to come. Believe.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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