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  • Shots From the Trail

    These photographs are available for sale on prints and other items, seen here –

    1. Little River Rapids
    2. Nemo Bridge
    3. Sunrise Silhouette

    The Little River Rapids photograph was taken along Little River in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, when the sun was behind a tall mountain peak.

    The Nemo Bridge photograph was taken in autumn along Emory River in the Obed Wild And Scenic River National Park, near Wartburg, Tennessee.

    The Sunrise Silhouette photograph was taken along the newer section of the Foothills Parkway, at the Smoky Mountains near Wears Valley, Tennessee.

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  • Shots from the Trail

    Prints available of photographs from Twin Arches, Cades Cove and Cane Creek.

  • Black and White Mountains

    Black and White Mountains

    More specifically, a black and white photograph of the Smoky Mountains, as captured from a location known as The Jump Off, a scenic detour along the trail to Charlies Bunion. Prints available.

  • Nemo Bridge

    Located along Emory River in the Obed Wild And Scenic River National Park, in Wartburg, Tennessee, Nemo Bridge is an historic railroad structure utilized for purposes of mining from the 1870’s until 1929.

    If you have an empty wall at home or work, you may enjoy an accent piece featuring one of my photographs. Several print types are available to suit your interests, so visit my gallery today to review your options.

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    Song for Today

    Canadian Railroad Trilogy – by Gordon Lightfoot ’67 / see lyrics here

  • Poem: Tree Fort

    Poem: Tree Fort

    I built a fort
    High in a tree
    A place to chill
    Relax, carefree

    Of wood and nails
    With steps and rails
    An oasis off the grid

    All pieces found
    – scattered around
    On the budget of a kid

    Now, times have changed
    That space seems small
    Yet the dream remains full-scale

    And so I drift
    To yesteryear
    Chasing mountains on a trail

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from

    Rocky Mountain High – by John Denver (1972) – see lyrics here

  • Shots from the Trail

    Yesterday, I visited the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains and hiked along Middle Prong Little River. Afterwards, I enjoyed the 11-mile scenic loop drive through nearby Cades Cove. See more in my gallery.

  • Point Trail At Obed

    I recently hiked four miles out and back along the Point Trail at Obed Wild And Scenic River, located near Lancing, Tennessee. It’s situated on a high ridge between the gorges of the Obed River and Clear Creek.

    Rated a moderately difficult hike, the trail has several elevation changes and consists mostly of hard-pack soil. There are a few rocky areas, two stream crossings, and many fallen trees have been cleared.

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  • Falls in the Forest

    This is a side waterfall which I photographed while visiting the Lost Creek Falls State Natural Area, located in Sparta, Tennessee. You can see many fine prints in my gallery!

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  • Waterfall in the Woods

    This photograph was taken while visiting Lost Creek Falls State Natural Area, in Sparta, Tennessee, featuring a nameless waterfall located nearby. If you’d be interested in an accent piece for an empty wall in your home or office, then visit the following galleries to find a print which suits your interests…

    Song for the Day

    A Horse With No Name – by America / 1971

  • Return To Lost Creek Falls

    Return To Lost Creek Falls

    Welcome to Lost Creek State Natural Area, located on the Cumberland Plateau near Sparta, Tennessee.

    Lost Creek Falls are picturesque, and also have an interesting story. Water first flows out of a few small mountainside caves, cascading downhill until dropping 50-feet as a waterfall. Splashing into the plunge pool, below, water then disappears underground into a “sink” (or bowl), that flows approx. 250-feet into a large cave. On days like yesterday, with water plentiful, an overflow of surface-runoff into the cave is present.

    In connection with Virgin Falls State Natural Area, these two parks sit atop Tennessee’s largest network of underground caverns, featuring seven miles of mapped passageways. There are only five entrances, of which Lost Creek Cave is one point of entry. The opening is approx. 20-feet high, and, once inside, it quickly becomes pitch black.


    • GPS coordinates of the parking area are N35 50.442, W85 21.660
    • I was told there’s a 30-foot tall waterfall somewhere in the caverns
    • No restrooms, gift shop or food

    In 1994, the Walt Disney Corporation, so pleased with the area’s natural beauty, filmed several scenes from “The Jungle Book” at both the falls and cave entrance.

    Located slightly uphill along a short trail to the right of Lost Creek Falls, there are a few smaller waterfalls to enjoy, These, however, typically run dry at times of low water during summer months. Here’s a photograph of one…

    Another area to enjoy is called Rylander Cascades. It’s less than a 1/2 mile drive from the Lost Creek Falls parking area, and then approx. a 1/2 mile hike from the road into the forest. Here a photograph…


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  • Eagle Falls

    Eagle Falls

    Located in Corbin, Kentucky, the 30-foot tall Eagle Falls meanders through large rocks to feed into the Cumberland River. Along the 1.5 mile trail from the parking area, hikers can also enjoy elevated views of the “Niagara of The South” – Cumberland Falls.

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  • Rushing Water

    Rushing Water

    Bright morning sunlight breaches the top flow of cascading water, rushing downslope toward the leading edge of Stinging Fork Falls, located on the Cumberland Plateau near Spring City, Tennessee. For a selection of fine prints and more, you can visit my galleries at Pixels and ArtPal. Great for the home or office!

  • Stinging Fork Falls

    Stinging Fork Falls

    Located along Little Soak Creek on the Cumberland Plateau in Rhea County, near Spring City, Tennessee, Stinging Fork Falls stands 35-feet tall and can be enjoyed along a moderately difficult trail.


    You can also enjoy the falls on an empty wall in your home or place of employment, when you visit my gallery to select the perfect accent piece!


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  • Laurel Falls

    Laurel Falls

    Located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and standing 80-feet tall, in two sections, Laurel Falls is a very popular tourist destination. Just down the road from the Sugarlands Visitor Center, near Gatlinburg, it’s a 1.3 mile hike uphill along a partially paved trail. You can enjoy a print of my photography, if you choose, when you visit my galleries at Pixels and/or Redbubble. Thanks very much!

  • Autumn View

    Autumn View

    House Mountain

    This photograph features the colorful autumn leaves of a Maple tree, as seen while hiking along the upper ridge of House Mountain, near Corryton, Tennessee. Looking west toward the horizon are the Cumberland Mountains. Prints, gifts and apparel with my photography are available in my shops at Pixels and Redbubble. Check it out…