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  • Knight Television

    Knight Television

    Armor-clad with shield, this knight traveled for many days across a hot, barren desert, in order to audition for the lead role in an upcoming medieval television mini-series. However, when he arrived, the set was in a state of chaos. Time to hire a new agent! In the meantime, you can enjoy great gift & apparel items available in these shops:

  • Surreal Screens Scene

    Surreal Screens Scene

    Desert Landscape

    Wishing to locate a source of water, it became apparent to the weary desert traveller, when, upon seeing an unexplainable series of flat screen monitors so far from civilization, that he must be experiencing a mirage.

    Look no further, though, to discover a plentiful resource of refreshing products featuring my digital artwork, available in these shops:

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  • Monitors Within Monitor

    Monitors Within Monitor

    I created this surreal three dimensional digital artwork of computer monitors within a monitor, reflecting in shallow water with a blue sky and clouds, using Bryce design software. It’s available on prints and gifts in my shops at Pixels, ArtPal & ArtFlakes.

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  • Video Tapes Abstract

    Video Tapes Abstract

    Working with a photograph of several video tapes, I combined layers, blend modes, textures and other effects to create this fun graphic. Without a VCR, I’ve repurposed these cassettes through design, which is now available in my galleries at Society 6 and Pixels.

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