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  • Under the Water

    Under the Water

    Beneath the surface of the water there exists another world of adventure and of sights unseen. Whether the beauty of nature, or lost artifacts and treasures from a distant past, a sense of discovery accompanies each exploration. You can see more in these galleries: Redbubble Society 6 Pixels ArtPal Thank you for your patronage!

  • Mysterious Creature

    Mysterious Creature

    This digital artwork features a mysterious creature which is certainly more interesting to view from a distance, rather than while swimming! For a closer look, stay safe while visiting the following shops to discover a wide variety of really cool products, including several great gift-giving ideas… Society 6 Redbubble Pixels Tee Public Stop by for […]

  • Song for Today

  • School of Fish

  • Polar Bear On Iceberg

    Prints & other cool merchandise are available online in the following shops: Society 6 Redbubble Pixels After a long nap, this polar bear awakens very hungry for a substantial meal and decides to take a cool dip in the ocean – gone fishing!

  • Sea Monsters

    Sea Monsters

    Quietly lurking in the dark ocean waters of a desolate, alien world, two hungry sea monsters scavenge a shallow lagoon in search of a meal. If you’re hungry to see more, visit my shops at Redbubble,¬†Society 6 and Pixels. You won’t find any fish, just some cool products & great gift giving ideas…and, please – […]

  • Ijams Nature Center In Knoxville, TN

    Ijams Nature Center In Knoxville, TN

    Yesterday I visited Ijams Nature Center, a 315-acre park along the Tennessee River in Knoxville. Originally a marble and limestone quarry in the early 1900’s, it’s been converted now to serve as an outdoor recreation area with Mead’s Quarry Lake and a network of hiking/biking trails. There’s also a stand for refreshments. Enjoy your visit!

  • Sea Turtle

    Sea Turtle

    Enjoy this digital artwork of a sea turtle swimming in shallow ocean water across the sharp edges of a coral reef. If you’d be interested in a print for your home or office – or other items – then stop by my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble. Enjoy the water!

  • Goslings In River

    Goslings In River

    Camera-shy goslings look away while practicing synchronized swimming maneuvers in shallow water along the Huron River, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Visit my gallery at Fine Art America for a variety of available print options. Thanks!