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  • Monochromatic Chaos

    Monochromatic Chaos

    Though it may not look like it, this abstract black and white digital artwork was created using Adobe Photoshop, exclusively – no artificial intelligence needed. Rather, each area was modified individually. You can see more in these shops:

  • Sci Fi Sundown

    A setting sun draws shadows across roughed terrain on the surface of an alien world, somewhere deep in outer space. You can see more by visiting my shops ~ thanks!

  • Turquoise Abstract

    This abstract three dimensional digital artwork features a turquoise coloration and chaotic surface contours. It’s available on a variety of home decor and other products, in these galleries: Redbubble, Society 6, Tee Public & Pixels.

  • Another Place

    If you see a reflective blue sphere lodged in a mysterious terrain of sharp peaks, one thing is certain – you’re not in Kansas, anymore! In fact, this digital fantasy landscape is based upon a fractal design which I made in Tennessee. Far-out, huh? You can enjoy my design on a plethora of products when you visit the following shops:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Macro Terrain

    Macro Terrain

    This mysterious terrain could be the surface of a distant, as of yet undiscovered planet. On the other hand, it may be contemporary digital artwork with a macro perspective, based on a fractal design. While pondering such matters, make sure to visit the following shops to discover some really cool merchandise…

  • Abstract 3D Heart

    Abstract 3D Heart

    I gave her my heart. Sometime later, we went our separate ways and she gave it back to me. Everything had changed so quickly – it felt surreal. Taking precautions, doctors were shocked to observe that my heart closely resembled a textured, three dimensional structure, something akin to having been designed with Affinity Photo and Filter Forge creative software…🤪

    You can find gifts & apparel items here: Redbubble, Pixels, ArtFlakes.

  • Abstract Shapes

    3D Surface

    Enjoy this abstract digital imagery featuring a chaotic cluster of three dimensional, circular shapes, in a blue and gold color palette. You can find an extensive selection of cool gift and apparel items, here:

  • Reflecting 3D Surface

    Reflecting 3D Surface

    Enjoy this abstract three dimensional pattern design with colorful, circular reflections. It’s available on many different products when you visit my shop at Redbubble. Hope to see you soon!

  • Glowing Golden Fire

    Glowing Golden Fire

    I’m not really sure what this is. So, how about deciding by a multiple choice selection:

    1. the brittle surface structure of a planet with glowing subterranean heat source
    2. what the surface of the sun looks like
    3. a beehive honeycomb
    4. the inside of a movie-house popcorn machine
    5. an abstract digital design available on merchandise at Society 6 and ArtFlakes.

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  • Abstract Sci Fi Surface

    Abstract Sci Fi Surface

    This abstract digital design features a copper-toned three dimensional surface, perhaps akin to the scaly-skin of an alien? It’s available on a variety of items in my shop at Society 6. Here are a few examples:

  • 3D Macro Construct

    3D Macro Construct

    Three dimensional digital artwork with macro viewpoint and interesting perspective. Available on gifts & apparel items from my shops at Pixels and/or Redbubble. Check it out…

  • Quartz Close Up

    Quartz Close Up

    This macro photography features a textural view of a predominantly quartz, conglomerate rock surface. If you’d like to add a new picture to a wall in your home, or at your place of work, then please stop by my gallery at Fine Art America. Many selections available, such as the framed print:

    Quartz Close Up
    Framed Print 36″ x 27″

  • Macro Rock

    Macro Rock

    Enjoy this close up photography of an interesting textural and colorful rock surface. Select one of several available print types – framed, canvas, art, metal, wood, acrylic – in my gallery at Fine Art America. Customization options, too.

  • Macro 3D Blue Reflections

    Macro 3D Blue Reflections

    Enjoy this three dimensional, macro digital imagery in hues of blue with metallic reflections. Available in my galleries at Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels, where you’ll discover an extensive variety of unique, original gift giving ideas…