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  • Old Glass Bottles

    This still life photograph features a collection of colorful vintage glass bottles. It would look great behind a frame on an empty wall in your home, or at the office. You make the call, and be sure to stop by one of my galleries to select the perfect accent piece…

  • New York Glass

    As a child with a hobby of collecting old bottles, this vintage glass was unearthed during the 1970’s while digging near a haunted house in Marquette, Michigan. Photo One is a small bottle from the Napier Chemical Company in New York, and has an air bubble in the glass. Photo Two is a taller bottle from the Black Cat Polish Company in Buffalo, New York, and to this day retains much of its original cork. See more in my gallery.

  • Three Wooden Boxes

    • Style: Graphic art
    • Genre: Geometry
    • Software: Affinity Photo, Filter Forge
    • Shops: Pixels, ArtPal, ArtFlakes

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

  • Still Life Rose

    Using Affinity Photo software, I made the following modifications to this photograph of a pink rose: the image was straightened and cropped, then desaturated; a mask was added in order to paint back color into the rose; clarity was enhanced, and adjustments layers were used (white balance, vibrance, levels); I also included a faint glow effect and a textural overlay.

    See these galleries for more:

  • Abstract Indian Corn

    Abstract Indian Corn

    Using Affinity Photo and Filter Forge creative software, this contemporary digital artwork featuring several ears of decorative Indian corn is based on a photograph I shot many years ago.

    You can find it on a variety of fine products – home decor, wall art, bed & bath, apparel, device cases, etc. – when shopping at these galleries:

  • Black Mountain Capstone

    This capstone features divots and signs of water erosion, as photographed at Black Mountain in Crab Orchard, Tennessee. You can see more in my gallery at Pixels.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Poem in Response

    Poem in Response

    After seeing Draadklossen (Dutch language, meaning Bobbins), a creative composition by my dear friend, Inge David – she’s a wonderful photographer from Belgium who specializes in black and white, especially interesting automotive and macro captures – I was inspired to write this poem…


    Threading clear insight
    Through her photographic eye
    Stitching life in stills

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com

  • Vintage Photography

    Vintage Photography

    This faded grunge-style, abstract graphic artwork features three vintage analog camera lenses. See prints and more: Pixels, ArtPal and Redbubble.

  • Glass Prism

    Glass Prism

    This macro photography features light refracting through a 3-pound chunk of jagged green glass. It would look great on a wall in your home, office, business lobby, cafeteria or hospital setting. In addition to fine prints, my picture is also available on several other items, too, including many great gift-giving ideas! You can visit the following galleries to see more…

    Sample products…

  • Vintage Glass

    Vintage Glass

    This macro photography features a very old bottle with heavy, greenish-blue glass and several air bubble imperfections. It also has a round bottom. You can discover a variety of fine prints, gifts and apparel items in the following shops:

  • Pop Art Music

    For many folks, it doesn’t seem that long ago that cassette tapes were the principal means through which to enjoy listening to music. Wait a minute…how old am I? Ok, it was a while back. Nevertheless, you may enjoy this colorful pop art rendition of an audio cassette, shown here as a before & after. To create this design, I used my imagination, a free photograph found at unsplash.com, Affinity Photo and Filter Forge.

    You can find some cool stuff available in any of the following shops…


  • Industrial Structure

    Industrial Structure

    Taken many years ago in the city of Grand Ledge, Michigan, this black and white photograph features an abandoned, out of business industrial structure. For prints and other items, you can visit these shops: Pixels, Redbubble and Society 6. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Still Life

    Still Life

    This vintage photograph includes textured treatment of an analog camera resting on a couch cushion among plants. It’s now available in the following galleries on a variety of prints, gifts and apparel:

  • Glass On Glass

    Glass On Glass

    This photograph features the vintage glass of an old kitchen storage container (flour, sugar, etc.), placed on a glass-covered table. You can find prints and more in my gallery at Pixels. Plus, it makes a great gift!

  • Spiked Abstract

    What is it?

    It may be a seed pod. Perhaps, it’s alien by nature. A third option might include it being a boolean object made using Wings-3D and Bryce creative software. Yes, that sounds about right. You can see my design on many great gift and apparel items, available when you visit these sites: