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  • Blue and Orange

    Textural Abstract

    With a color palette of blue and orange, this chaotic artwork uses the Droste effect to depict movement. It looks wonderful on a variety of products available, including many home decor items. You can see for yourself by visiting the following shops: Redbubble, Society 6, Pixels & ArtPal. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Chaotic Black and White Pattern

    Chaotic Black and White Pattern

    This chaotic, abstract repeating black and white digital pattern has been added to a multitude of interesting print, gift and apparel items, available in the following shops: Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels. It looks great on a comforter, sling chair and bath mat, among other things. Thanks for visiting!

  • Spinning Fractal

    Spinning Fractal

    Graphic artwork featuring a colorful, three dimensional concentric and spinning fractal design. You can check it out in the following shops, where a wide variety of great gifts and apparel items are available…

  • Nautilus

    Digital Shell

    Similar in progression to that of a fractal, though finite, this digital artwork features a repeating nautilus design, with a blue to gold color gradient. If you happen to find a fossil on the beach that looks like this, keep it. Otherwise, you can find a plethora of cool products in my galleries, here:


  • Geometric Layers

    Geometric Layers

    This minimal graphic artwork features two alternating colors, with depth and rotation. It looks great on a wide variety of cool products, which can be found in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels


  • Into the Blender

    Into the Blender

    This chaotic, abstract digital design in a blue and grey color palette has been added to a variety of gifts & apparel items in my shop at Redbubble. Stop by to discover some cool stuff…

  • Black Hole

    Black Hole

    Unbeknownst to me on my first solo flight as an astronaut, I drifted dangerously close and was drawn into a black hole in space. This was the last view I can recall seeing – both stars and light appeared to spin, and the spacecraft hull became translucent, disjointed. Then, everything was completely dark.

    Well, not really. Actually this design is based on a photograph I shot, looking down through a vintage glass lamp shade balanced atop a brown pottery vase. And, of course, with digital design adjustments.

    Prints and other fine products may be acquired at Pixels & Redbubble.

  • Spinning Abstract


    and around again.

    This textural graphic design with color and geometric shapes uses the drost effect to create rotation.

    It’s available on a variety of great products, and would make an excellent gift-giving idea for the holidays – and birthdays, too.

    You’re sure to discover something you like when you visit any of the following galleries – open 24/7:

  • Layered Earth Tones

    Graphic Design

    This abstract digital artwork features texture, layers, movement and an autumnal color palette.

    You can find many cool items for sale – gifts and apparel – by visiting the following shops:

    Sample Product: Desk Mats
  • Turning Fractal Tower

    Surreal 3D Art

    This contemporary digital artwork is available on a variety of products in the following shops:

    Discover some great gift giving ideas, or find something for yourself…

    Sample Product: Framed Print
  • Geometric Rotation

    Round & Around

    This six color graphic design features several layers with shading and a textural overlay, providing an optical illusion of depth and chaotic movement. Consider purchasing a product for yourself, family or friends, when you visit my online shops – here:

    Pixels ·•· Society 6 ·•· Redbubble

  • Round And Around

    Round And Around

    Based on a photograph, this picture applies the droste effect to create a sensation of turning. If you’re experiencing vertigo, please make sure to firmly grasp the stairwell bannisters as you descend into a series of spinning frames. Then, visit my shops to purchase a variety of gifts and apparel items: Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels.

    Spinning Carpeted Stairwell