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  • Green and Gold Abstract

    Green and Gold Abstract

    Have you ever wondered what a fractal looks like from a macro perspective? Well, this image was created using a fractal design, which I imported into three dimensional space using Bryce software. You can find it on many cool products when visiting these shops: Redbubble, Pixels, ArtPal, Society 6 and ArtFlakes.

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  • Spinning Fractal

    Spinning Fractal

    Graphic artwork featuring a colorful, three dimensional concentric and spinning fractal design. You can check it out in the following shops, where a wide variety of great gifts and apparel items are available…

  • Spiked Abstract

    What is it?

    It may be a seed pod. Perhaps, it’s alien by nature. A third option might include it being a boolean object made using Wings-3D and Bryce creative software. Yes, that sounds about right. You can see my design on many great gift and apparel items, available when you visit these sites:

  • Abstract Green Fractal

    Surreal Spikes

    Enjoy this three dimensional green abstract digital artwork, based on a fractal design. You can discover some really cool gift & apparel items by visiting my shops – here:

    Redbubble & Pixels

  • Surreal Spheres

    Golden 3D Structures

    Enjoy this abstract digital artwork featuring three dimensional spheres with spikes, and a golden color palette. You can visit my galleries at Redbubble and Pixels to discover a potpourri of prints and other cool merchandise options – also, many great gift giving ideas.

  • Abstract Macro Turquoise Spikes

    Abstract Macro Turquoise Spikes

    Enjoy this abstract digital artwork featuring a macro perspective with a turquoise color scheme and textural elements. What is it? That’s a good question – perhaps, a new species of fish discovered at the bottom of the ocean? Or, an alien seed pod detected on one of Jupiter’s moons? Another possibility is a three dimension object created using Wings 3D software, with additional design adjustments made through Bryce, Affinity Photo & Adobe Photoshop. Hint: the 3rd option is correct.

    Be that as it may, it’s now available on a variety of cool merchandise items through my gallery at Redbubble. Stop by for a visit, sometime…