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  • Abstract Macro Fractal

    I created this digital artwork using Bryce and Affinity Photo creative software. It’s based on a fractal design, which was imported as a black and white jpeg into three dimensional space. That’s when the fun begins. Now, it’s available on many products in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. So, stop by and find something […]

  • Silver Sphere

    Digital artwork of a three dimensional silver sphere, featuring reflections of an abstract barren landscape and atmosphere. You can visit the following shops to discover great gifts and apparel… Redbubble Society 6 Pixels ArtPal Tee Public

  • Another Place

    If you see a reflective blue sphere lodged in a mysterious terrain of sharp peaks, one thing is certain – you’re not in Kansas, anymore! In fact, this digital fantasy landscape is based upon a fractal design which I made in Tennessee. Far-out, huh? You can enjoy my design on a plethora of products when […]

  • Mysterious Sphere

    Mysterious Sphere

    A mysterious crystal sphere levitates over an old railroad bridge – Nemo Bridge – located in Wartburg, Tennessee. So, what is it? That’s a good question. One thing is certain, though: it’s available on a variety of fine products, including prints, gifts & apparel. You can visit any of these shops to see more: Redbubble […]

  • Umbrella Under Glass

    Umbrella Under Glass

    An umbrella is useful when it’s raining outside – and, apparently, even when walking inside a giant, levitating glass sphere. You can stop by my galleries at Redbubble and Pixels to discover some really cool gifts and apparel items. Open 24/7 with a roof – so, no umbrella necessary. Hope to see you soon! PHOTO […]

  • Topaz Reflections

    Topaz Reflections

    Surreal Seascape Another day at sea, reflecting on the beauty of nature while longing to roll upon wide open fields of green grass. Such is the life of this spherical gemstone, digital art now available on a variety of merchandise in the following shops: Society 6 Redbubble Pixels ArtPal Thank you for your patronage!

  • Land of Ice

    Land of Ice

    Reflection of Clouds A frozen lake reflects glowing clouds, with a distant mountain range along the horizon and mysterious golden sphere floating in one of four rectangular openings. You can visit these shops for a selection of cool merchandise – Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels.

  • Desert Anomaly

    What is it? An unidentified flying object? Hmm…well, it’s not flying. It appears to be digital artwork featuring a fantasy desert landscape containing a mysterious metallic sphere. For a closer look, you can visit these shops for great gift-giving ideas: Society 6 Redbubble Pixels ArtPal

  • Fantasy Landscape

    Fantasy Landscape

    This abstract three dimensional digital artwork features a turquoise color scheme, floating metallic orbs, and terrain which was derived using a fractal design. Land of Fractal You can enjoy this fun scene for yourself by visiting the following shops, where you’ll discover a potpourri of prints, gifts & apparel: Pixels Society 6 Redbubble

  • Abstract 3D Heart

    Abstract 3D Heart

    I gave her my heart. Sometime later, we went our separate ways and she gave it back to me. Everything had changed so quickly – it felt surreal. Taking precautions, doctors were shocked to observe that my heart closely resembled a textured, three dimensional structure, something akin to having been designed with Affinity Photo and […]

  • Abstract Extrusion

  • Mysterious Reflections

    Modern Art What is it? That’s a good question, one which I’ll leave up to visiting guests to decide for themselves. To create this digital artwork, I used both Bryce and Affinity Photo creative software. You can discover a plethora of fine prints and other products by visiting the following shops: Pixels Redbubble Society 6

  • Reflections of Motherboard

    Reflections of Motherboard

    Computer circuitry extends to the horizon as far as the eye can see, while a mysterious metallic-blue sphere reflects the motherboard and an expansive atmosphere. Interstellar visitors can discover out-of-this-world items in these galaxies galleries: Redbubble Pixels Cafepress Society 6 ArtFlakes

  • Orange Sphere

    Abstract 3D Art A mysterious orange sphere floats in crystal-clear water near a mirror image extruded fractal, in this contemporary surreal design. It’s available on a variety of merchandise in my shops, so stop by and pick something out for yourself, or as a cool gift to give to someone! You can visit these shops […]

  • Glowing Blue Orb

    Surreal Structure Progressively smaller tables balanced beneath a mysterious glowing blue orb floating in the air. A blue-green sea and sparse cloud cover complete this fantasy landscape artwork. Visit these shops: Redbubble Society 6 Pixels Cafepress

  • Mysterious Sphere At Dawn

    We Are Not Alone With a fresh cup of morning coffee poured, I opened the living room blinds to let in some sunshine and enjoy a desert view…and, a 90-foot tall metallic sphere? You can see more of this science fiction digital artwork on products in my shops at Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels. Thanks […]

  • Magic Blue Marble

  • Red Spheres

    A circle of mysterious red spheres orbiting an abstract, alien surface terrain. The exact location of this phenomenon remains unknown – but, it certainly isn’t Kansas. However, you can find cool stuff for sale in my shops at Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels. Hope to see you soon.

  • Sphere of Reflection

  • Turquoise Sphere

    Turquoise Sphere

    A mysterious turquoise sphere reflects while situated on a flat area of an otherwise jagged, sci-fi digital landscape, with a frozen tundra backdrop. Who did it get there? Learn more when you visit my shop at Pixels to discover some out of this world items…