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  • Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland

    Enjoy this whimsical winter graphic artwork, featuring rolling hillsides with pine trees, falling snowflakes and a bright, glowing full moon. You can visit my shops to discover some really cool gift-giving ideas, too –

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Return to Winter

    Return to Winter

    ‘Tis the Season

    Despite the cold weather and an imposition upon our outdoor activities, a fresh blanket of snow is a beautiful sight. Seen here, a snow-covered forest along the Huron River, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at Bandemer Park. To see prints and more, visit these galleries:

  • Arctic Mountains

    Arctic Mountains

    Digital artwork depicting snow covered mountains and a frozen tundra. You can see more in my shops at Redbubble, Pixels and ArtPal. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Vintage Structure

    Vintage Structure

    This vintage photograph was taken in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and features the interior of a building which resembles a Greek Parthenon, and a snowy winter landscape. Friends of mine (Bob & Lisa) were married here, many moons ago. Today, you can find prints and other items available in my galleries at Pixels and ArtPal. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Poem of Winter

    Poem of Winter

    Rolling hills of winter snow
    With a forest donned in white
    Memories in monotone
    Layered landscapes of delight

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

    This vintage photograph was taken at Nichols Arboretum, in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can visit my galleries to discover many fine prints and other items, as well: Pixels, ArtPal, Society 6 and Redbubble. Thank you!

  • Arctic Icebergs

    Arctic Icebergs

    You’d better turn the heat up, as this place is cold…brrr! Nevertheless, you can enjoy my digital artwork depicting icebergs in a frozen arctic sea, on a variety of gift and apparel items. Visit these galleries to see more…

  • Nichols Arboretum

    Nichols Arboretum

    Following 10-inches of snow on New Years’ Eve 2007, I shot this morning photograph January 1, 2008 at Nichols Arboretum, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That was then, and now it’s available in my shops at Pixels and Redbubble. You’ll discover prints and many other fine items available when you visit…

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Frozen Peaks

    Frozen Peaks

    Digital art featuring snow-covered peaks and icebergs in a remote ocean environment. You can enjoy this frigid scenery on a variety of gifts and apparel items, available in the following shops:

  • Snow Covered Benches

    Snow Covered Benches

    This sepia tone nature photograph was taken a decade ago during winter while hiking at Nichols Arboretum, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can find many fine prints and other gifts available in the following galleries:


  • Snow Covered Bench

    Snow Covered Bench

    Taken many years ago, this photograph features a snow covered bench located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at Nichols Arboretum. See more by visiting my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. Thank you!

  • Winter Blizzard

    Winter Blizzard

    A torrent of winter snowflakes at night pelt a glowing lamp post. I shot this photograph several years ago at an area known as Red Bud Grove, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can enjoy this picture on various prints, gifts and other apparel, through my galleries at Pixels, Society 6 and Redbubble. Hope to see you soon – thanks!

  • Nichols Arboretum

    This winter scene was photographed on January 1, 2008, following a substantial snowfall at Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can visit my shops at Pixels and Redbubble for great prints and gift-giving ideas. Thanks!

    Sample product: framed prints

  • Cosmic Landscape

    Winter And Space

    Cold winter snow covers a frozen mountain landscape as a colorful nebula cloud illuminates the star filled cosmos. This digital collage is available on a plethora or cool products, here:

  • Winter Moon

    Snow In August?

    Rolling snow-covered hills with pine trees layered in winter white. You can enjoy my digital painting in the winter, spring, summer or fall – on a wide variety of really cool products – when you visit any of the following shops:

  • Winter Pine Tree

    Covered In Snow

    Enjoy this colorful, contemporary comic-style rendition of a winter pine tree covered in white snow. You can find products, here: