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  • Space

    The Final Frontier

    Cosmic digital artwork depicts a sunrise in space, with stars and other glowing planets. You can enjoy my solar rendition on a variety of cool gift and apparel items in the following shops…

  • Egg Island

    Egg Island

    Recently, on a chain of islands located off the coast of Oregon, a giant egg was observed at sea. Could this be the potential hatchling of a prehistoric pterodactyl? That’s a good question, and it’s difficult to know with any degree of certainty; whatever it is, caution is recommended – please stay out of the water!

    You can play it safe and stay dry by visiting any of the following shops for great gifts and apparel items…

  • Gradient of Abstract Shapes

    This chaotic graphic artwork features a random stream of abstract shapes and colorful gradient, ranging from dark blue to mint green. It looks great on a multitude of products available in my galleries – check it out…

  • Abstract Macro Fractal

    I created this digital artwork using Bryce and Affinity Photo creative software. It’s based on a fractal design, which was imported as a black and white jpeg into three dimensional space. That’s when the fun begins. Now, it’s available on many products in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. So, stop by and find something to give as a gift, or to enjoy yourself. Thanks very much!

  • Beyond the Mountains

    Beyond the Mountains

    Science fiction landscape digital artwork depicting a turbulent waterway winding through tall, terraced mountains, to an ocean in the distance. You can give great gift & apparel items to family and/or friends – or, perhaps something for yourself – by visiting these shops:

    I hope you enjoy my art & find something nice to purchase. Thanks for visiting!

  • Meigs Falls

    This photograph features Meigs Falls, located near Townsend, Tennessee, along Little River Gorge Road in the Smoky Mountains. You can see more by visiting my gallery at Pixels. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Rapids on Little River

    Rapids on Little River

    Prints and other items available. This is Little River, located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, near Townsend. Stop by and have a look around…

  • Abstract 3D Reflections

    Abstract 3D Reflections

    This original, abstract contemporary digital artwork is available on a wide variety of great products in the following galleries:

    Okay, but what is it?

    This is the view from inside a large, hollow sphere, which is both absent gravity and lined with a mirrored-surface. In order to see, a few radial lights have been added. The elongated rings are made of dried clay, and the many reflective spheres are crystal.

  • Checkerboard Landscape

    Prints, posters, wall art, home decor, stationary, office, accessories, device cases, pet stuff, stickers, face masks, puzzles, mugs, scarfs, bags, water bottles, placemats, serving trays, cutting boards, furniture, bed & bath, desk mats, wrapping paper, the kitchen sink (sorry, kitchen sinks are unavailable) and much, much more! Check it out…

  • Big Laurel Falls

    Yesterday, my alarm clock sounded at 3:30 a.m. and I headed to the kitchen to make coffee. After a few cups at my computer, I used the restroom and was on the road within the hour, headed to the Virgin Falls State Natural Area in White County, Tennessee.

    I wanted to visit Big Laurel Falls, a 40-foot tall waterfall along a five mile out and back hike rated as difficult. The park is connected with the Lost Creek State Natural Area, both of which rest upon Tennessee’s largest network of underground caverns (featuring five entrances, with seven miles of mapped passages).

    Prints are available in the following galleries: Pixels, ArtPal & Redbubble.

    What makes these areas interesting is that creeks and waterfalls disappear underground into the caverns, including: Big Laurel Falls, Sheep Cave, Virgin Falls and Lost Creek Falls. The same is true with Big Laurel Creek: it’s visible, then not, only to return once again somewhere downstream.

    The cave is approximately 160-feet wide and 80-feet deep. Runoff from the waterfall drains to the back of the cave, flowing along the wall toward the center before vanishing underground. The surface of the cave is mostly sand, and, when standing near the back, has a distinctive spongy feel. Listening closely, one can hear water flowing underfoot, and there are a few areas resembling small sinkholes, pockets where sand has collapsed.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Somewhere In Space

    Somewhere In Space

    The Green Planet

    From a distant solar system, an uninhabited green planet of many mountains and an acidic sea remains undiscovered…until now. Welcome earthling! If your first thought happens to be take me to your merchandise, then head right this way –

    I hope you enjoy your visit and find something nice – just don’t drink the water!

  • Vintage Sand Dunes

    Vintage Sand Dunes

    Long ago and far away, winds from Lake Michigan shaped sand dunes in this vintage photograph, taken on the beach in Holland, Michigan. You can visit my galleries at Pixels and ArtPal to select a print, if you’d like. There are many varieties to select, including: framed, metal, wood, art, poster, acrylic, canvas and tapestry. Thanks for visiting!

  • Lynn Camp Prong

    Lynn Camp Prong

    This photograph was taken along Lynn Camp Prong, located in the Smoky Mountains, following successive days of rain. As such, hillsides were very slippery with mud and a covering of damp leaves. I hope you enjoy this lovely landscape as much as I do, and consider purchasing a print for your home or office. You can visit my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble to see more. Thanks very much!

  • Haunted House

    One of these stairwells leads outside, beyond the window and into the city. The other set of stairs brings you right back to where you started, stuck inside this grungy old haunted house, a mysterious labyrinth of spooky sights and sounds. Good luck! 👻 Oh, wait – you can also escape to these shops, filled with wonderful gifts and apparel items:

  • Surreal Screens Scene

    Surreal Screens Scene

    Desert Landscape

    Wishing to locate a source of water, it became apparent to the weary desert traveller, when, upon seeing an unexplainable series of flat screen monitors so far from civilization, that he must be experiencing a mirage.

    Look no further, though, to discover a plentiful resource of refreshing products featuring my digital artwork, available in these shops:

    Stores open 24/7/365