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  • On Sale Today

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  • Spheres of Orange Glass

    Spheres of Orange Glass

    Digital artwork of an infinite field of three dimensional cylinders with a few spheres of glowing orange glass. You can discover a finite amount of really cool items available when you visit any of the following shops – Redbubble Society 6 ArtPal Pixels Thanks for stopping by!

  • On Sale Today

    Visit my shop at Society 6 to save money shopping for these great deals: Save 30% off – Wall Art, Home Decor, Bed & Bath Save 20% off – everything else…

  • Blue and Beige Stripes

    This abstract blue, brown and beige digital pattern design can be enjoyed on a variety of home decor items and gifts, available in my shops at Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels. So, come by and see what’s available, such as…

  • Green Pod From Space

    If you find something in your dinner salad that appears unlike any vegetable you’ve ever seen before, don’t eat it – it may be an alien pod from space! 👽 Discover gifts, apparel and prints in my shops at Pixels, Redbubble & ArtPal.

  • Bald River Falls

    Bald River Falls

    Adjacent to the Tellico River in eastern Tennessee, Bald River Falls stands an impressive 90-feet tall and consistently has a decent flow of water. This photograph was taken under a bridge along River Road. Fine prints and more are available in my galleries at Pixels and ArtPal. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Another Place

    If you see a reflective blue sphere lodged in a mysterious terrain of sharp peaks, one thing is certain – you’re not in Kansas, anymore! In fact, this digital fantasy landscape is based upon a fractal design which I made in Tennessee. Far-out, huh? You can enjoy my design on a plethora of products when […]

  • Southwestern Succulent

    Southwestern Succulent

    This digital artwork is based on a free photograph from unsplash.com. I used Affinity Photo software, including: macro assets (watercolor effect), tone mapping (acid bath), Nik 4 Collection filters (pro contrast and analog) Filter Forge filters (comic book, soft glow and paint HDRtist), a curves adjustment layer and additional texture. You can find a variety […]

  • A Glass of Sand

    A Glass of Sand

    I’ve heard it said before, that, I’m so hungry that I could eat a horse! However, to this day I’ve not heard anyone exclaim, I’m so thirsty that I could drink a glass of sand! Not particularly thirst-quenching, I guess. However, you can still enjoy a glass of sand on prints, gifts and apparel, when […]

  • Roadside Attraction

    Roadside Attraction

    There’s beauty to be found around every corner along Little River Gorge Road, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, especially following rain. Case in point: this scenic 12-foot tall waterfall. You can visit my galleries at Pixels and/or Society 6 to discover a variety of fine prints and other merchandise. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Forest Waterfall

    Forest Waterfall

    Driving along Little River in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, I stopped to observe a small waterfall along the road. From the base of the falls, I looked up the mountain and could see white water through the foliage. So, I made my way uphill for some distance, following the creek, until I arrived at […]

  • Meigs Falls

    Meigs Falls

    I recently drove to the Smoky Mountains to capture photographs along Little River. Standing 20-feet tall, this waterfall is named Meigs Falls and can be observed from Little River Gorge Road, along a scenic pullover. However, because it’s set back in the forest approx. 100-yards, it’s often overlooked by passersby while driving. Using a crop-sensor […]

  • Space Debris

    Space Debris

    During the early years of space exploration, astronauts were privileged to enjoy a wide open cosmos of brilliant stars, planets and satellites. That was then. Unfortunately, such travel in modern times has become quite hazardous, as abandoned debris set adrift in space poses serious concerns for safety. Yet, an idea which shows great promise as […]

  • Orange Squares Plus

    Colorful Digital Painting Looks great on home decor, coffee mugs, pillows, bath & bed, apparel and accessories. See more at my Redbubble and Society 6 shops. Thank you!

  • Rushing Water

    Rushing Water

    Bright morning sunlight breaches the top flow of cascading water, rushing downslope toward the leading edge of Stinging Fork Falls, located on the Cumberland Plateau near Spring City, Tennessee. For a selection of fine prints and more, you can visit my galleries at Pixels and ArtPal. Great for the home or office!

  • Vintage Abstract Structure

    Vintage Abstract Structure

    This graphic artwork features an abstract and distorted cluster of metallic toruses, with a grunge style, vintage effect, shading and a color palette of gold and blue. You can find many fine prints and other items in the following galleries: Pixels Redbubble ArtPal Society 6 Thanks for stopping by!

  • Planetary Reflections

    Planetary Reflections

    When I woke up early this morning, to my great surprise, I observed that Planet Saturn had somehow been relocated inside of my computer, reflecting on the motherboard and featuring a vibrant green coloration?! I thought to myself – this can’t be…I must be imagining things – and so, I closed my eyes and went […]

  • Paine Creek Falls

    Paine Creek Falls

    Photographed during a period of low water, this is Paine Creek Falls, located in Dayton, Tennessee, along the Laurel-Snow Trail on the Cumberland Plateau. You can visit my gallery to see this image and many others from the area, available on a plethora of fine prints for your home or office. Thank you!

  • River Currents

    River Currents

    Water races downstream, over and around large rocks scattered along this riverbed, found in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. This is Middle Prong Little River, and you can enjoy a landscape print on a wall in your home by selecting one of several available in these galleries: Pixels, ArtPal and ArtFlakes. Thanks!