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  • Night Vision

    Night Vision

    Have a Look Around

    It may be night, but there’s still so much to see – simply have a look around. However, if you happen upon several giant eyeballs defying gravity while attached to golden chains, you might want to turn the boat around and paddle as fast as possible! And, when you have a chance, drift into my galleries to discover some very cool items available for sale…

  • The Lost City of Atlantis

    The Lost City of Atlantis

    After weeks at sea and with no land in sight, wide eyes of weary explorers gazed enthusiastically upon a mysterious structure in the middle of nowhere. Could they have discovered the lost city of Atlantis? Neither GPS nor navigational charts provided any answers, so they approached the tower with the utmost caution…

    You can imagine Atlantis if you close your eyes, or see an array of interesting products featuring my digital artwork – in these shops:

    Here are a few samples of what you’ll discover…

  • Alien Artifact In Desert

    Alien Artifact In Desert

    Digital artwork of desert landscape with alien artifact revealed over time by drifting sands. It’s available in my gallery on a potpourri of cool products from the following categories: wall art, home decor, lifestyle, beach, greeting cards, stationary, phone cases, apparel and coffee mugs.

  • Mysterious Sphere At Falls

    Mysterious Sphere At Falls

    I was enjoying a peaceful visit to Cummins Falls, located in Tennessee, when suddenly a reflective glass sphere appeared…lol. You can learn more about this unusual unidentified flying object by visiting my shop at Pixels. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Moon View

    Moon View

    View from a baron moonscape as the sun emanates rings of heat from 93,000,000 miles away. You won’t have to travel to the moon, however, to enjoy this scene. Rather, simply visit my online galleries at Zazzle & Pixels, where you can discover out-of-this-world items! Here are a few examples…

    Framed Prints


    Many sizes available. Made in USA with sturdy cardboard and mounted on chipboard. Easy wipe-clean surface. Fun for the entire family!

    Fleece Blankets

    Available in two sizes. Made of either plush fleece or sherpa fleece. Luxuriously soft. Printed on top with white back.

    Bicycle Playing Cards
    Yoga Mats
  • Scene From Time

    Scene From Time

    Looking out on a barren desert from inside the fossilized jaw of a prehistoric beast. View from the edge of an unusual cave with glowing orange object in water. Desert landscape with reflective three dimensional fractal design duplicated and flipped on vertical axis.

    Whatever scenario you choose to envision, I hope that you’ll enjoy my digital artwork! Visit these galleries for more – Redbubble, Society 6 and/or Pixels.

  • Maze of Mountains

    Maze of Mountains

    Enjoy navigating a meandering waterway through a series of stepped mountain-islands in this fantasy landscape scene. Great gifts & apparel items are available in my gallery at Pixels.

    Check it out.

  • Reflecting Blue Sphere

    Reflecting Blue Sphere

    In space orbiting above the surface of Mars, astronauts examine a mysterious reflective blue sphere… see more.

  • Meandering Pass

    Meandering Pass

    Tall mountains shrouded in a morning fog outline the passage along a meandering river. See more at Pixels and Zazzle.

  • Happy Robot Pattern Throw Blanket

    Happy Robot Pattern Throw Blanket

    Keep warm this season with a comfortable robot pattern throw blanket! It’s printed on front using edge-to-edge sublimation printing, and has an ivory colored back. Machine washable. Makes a great gift-giving idea! Other items also available.

  • Up In The Sky

    Up In The Sky

    After supper, I stepped outside to stretch my legs and enjoy the cool evening weather. It was a refreshing, pleasant walk, until I observed a strange metallic sphere hovering overhead…was it simply a drone delivering packages, or some sort of unidentified alien spacecraft? You can see for yourself, by visiting my galleries at Pixels and/or Fine Art America!

  • Mysterious Dome On Horizon

    Mysterious Dome On Horizon

    Toward the horizon, a metallic dome emits a glowing beam of light into space. Is it some form of energy? And, why does the surface of a presumably technologically advanced society so closely resemble that of a computer-motherboard from the 1990’s? These mysteries and more may be uncovered in my gallery at Pixels and/or Fine Art America. Hope to see you soon!