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  • Thunderhead Prong

    Thunderhead Prong

    This photograph was taken while hiking along Thunderhead Prong Quiet Walkway, in the Smoky Mountains, from 30-feet above the river. It would make an excellent accent piece on a wall in your home or office, and several print types are available – framed, canvas, art, poster, wood, metal, acrylic & tapestry. You can see more […]

  • Behind the Falls

    Behind the Falls

    Big Laurel Falls stands 40-feet tall. However, as with many waterfalls situated on the Cumberland Plateau, the volume of water present diminishes during generally drier, summer months. That said, at times such as these it’s much easier to enjoy exploring the cave behind the falls, which has dimensions of approximately 160-feet wide by 80-feet deep. […]

  • Big Laurel Creek

    Although the water was low during my visit to the Virgin Falls State Natural Area, home to Big Laurel Creek and several other points of interest, I did observe a few deep pools of crystal-clean, turquoise water. You can see more – prints, gifts & apparel – in these shops: Pixels Redbubble ArtPal

  • Rapids at First Light

    Rapids at First Light

    Rays of sunlight crest peaks in the Smoky Mountains at daybreak, streaming a leading edge of light into the valley and onto white water rapids along Thunderhead Prong. If you’re looking for an accent piece to adorn a wall in your home, office, business lobby, cafeteria, educational or hospital setting, then you can visit my […]

  • Lynn Camp Prong

    Lynn Camp Prong

    White water rushes downstream in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, along the scenic Lynn Camp Prong. Many prints are available in my gallery, including: framed, canvas, art, wood, acrylic, poster, metal and tapestry. Framed prints may be customized, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Rushing Water

    Rushing Water

    Here’s another shot I took while hiking in the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee – it’s the scenic Thunderhead Prong. If you’re searching for the perfect accent piece for a wall in your home or at work, then you might consider visiting my galleries to review several fine print options, and more… […]

  • Under the Water

    Under the Water

    Beneath the surface of the water there exists another world of adventure and of sights unseen. Whether the beauty of nature, or lost artifacts and treasures from a distant past, a sense of discovery accompanies each exploration. You can see more in these galleries: Redbubble Society 6 Pixels ArtPal Thank you for your patronage!

  • Rolling River

    Rolling River

    Let your eyes take in the beauty of nature, as white water flows around and over rocks, rolling downstream amidst lush landscape of the Smoky Mountains. You can enjoy this outdoor scenery indoors, when you purchase a fine print from any of the following shops: Pixels Redbubble ArtPal Many print types are available to suit […]

  • River Rapids

    River Rapids

    Following recent rainfall, I returned to Thunderhead Prong in the Smoky Mountains to capture this waterway scene. If interested in a print for your home, work, or to give as a gift to family and/or friends, you can visit my galleries at Pixels, Society 6 and Redbubble to see more. Other items are also available. […]

  • Thunderhead Prong

  • Small Waterfall

    Small Waterfall

    Whether referred to as cascades or a small waterfall, this spot along Lynn Camp Prong provides a splendid area to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature. This photograph was taken in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, in the Tremont section along Middle Prong Trail. Fine prints and more are available when you visit my […]

  • Moss Covered Rocks

    Moss Covered Rocks

    Here’s another photograph taken along Thunderhead Prong, with low water and a multitude of rocks covered in green moss. Visit my gallery to see more. Thanks!

  • Thunderhead Prong

    In the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, beyond the gravel road and across a foot bridge near the trailhead of Middle Prong Trail, hikers can keep to the right to follow Thunderhead Prong Quiet Walkway. This trail is less commonly hiked, though offers several beautiful areas with easy access along Thunderhead Prong. […]

  • Water Shots

    These photographs include Lost Creek Falls, Big Laurel Creek and Rylander Cascades. Each is located on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, atop the states largest network of underground caves. Though foliage conceals an upper aspect of Lost Creek Falls, it stands 50-feel tall and immediately vanishes into an underground sink, never to be seen again. […]

  • Cave Behind Waterfall

    Cave Behind Waterfall

    This cave is located at the Virgin Falls State Park, in Sparta, Tennessee, immediately behind Big Laurel Falls. As photographed, the water drains back into the cave and underground. If you’d be interested in a beautiful accent piece for a wall in your home, then do stop by my galleries to find something special → […]

  • Shots from the Trail

    You can see fine prints and other items available in the following galleries: Big Laurel Falls – Pixels, ArtPal Smoky Mountains Sunrise – Pixels, ArtPal Upper Lynn Camp Falls – Pixels, ArtPal

  • Cascades on Lynn Camp Prong

    Cascades on Lynn Camp Prong

    This photograph was taken while hiking along the Middle Prong Trail, located in the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and features beautiful cascades on Lynn Camp Prong. You can see many fine prints (and more) when you visit the following galleries: Pixels Redbubble ArtPal Print types include framed, canvas, wood, acrylic, metal, […]

  • Shots from the Trail

    This photograph was taken roadside in Robbinsville, North Carolina, along the Cheoah River, and features white water rapids. Prints and more are available in my galleries at Pixels and ArtPal. Despite low water levels in Big Laurel Creek, it was easy to locate some scenic areas among the boulders to photograph. Prints and more are […]

  • Big Laurel Falls

    I shot this photograph of Big Laurel Falls using my zoom lens from the other side of a large cave. Located in the Virgin Falls State Park, near Sparta, Tennessee, the waterfall stands 40-feet tall. You can enjoy fine prints and more when you visit any of the following galleries: Pixels Redbubble ArtPal Thanks for […]

  • Forest Boulders and Creek

    Forest Boulders and Creek

    Located at the Virgin Falls State Park of Tennessee, this photograph features Big Laurel Creek with a low water level. See more: Pixels, ArtPal, Redbubble.