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Tag: refreshing

  • A Glass of Lemonade

    Retro Summer Design

    Kick back as you step back into nostalgia of warm summer days with blue skies and a refreshing glass of cool lemonade! You can enjoy this vintage typographic design on a variety of items, available in the following shops…

  • A Glass of Water

    After exhaustive travel in a hot, arid desert, a tall glass of cool water is certainly a welcomed sight…but, is it only a mirage? Probably, though it’s still better than a glass of sand.

    Contrary to such illusions, you may quench your thirst for some very cool gifts and apparel when you visit the following galleries…

  • Last Call

    Desert Drink

    It appears that somebody went on a bender, staying out all night and then leaving their beverage in the desert. Yet, somehow the ice cubes haven’t melted…

    You can enjoy my surreal digital artwork on a variety of products and prints in the following shops:

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  • Desert Drink

    It’s Only A Mirage

    You’ve been lost in the desert for several days. Now, out of energy, you’re crawling through the blistering hot sand, wishing for any sign of relief, any sign of help to be rescued from such misery. If only you’d remembered to bring along your canteen! Then, suddenly, you spot a 1/2-full glass of water with your name all over it. Reaching out for a drink to quench your thirst, you realize it’s only a mirage…d’oh. Satisfy your hunger for cool merchandise featuring my design by visiting these shops:

  • Spring Flowers

    Spring Flowers

    Available through Fine Art America and Redbubble, visitors are invited to enjoy this digital painting of colorful spring tulips as home decor on a print, or one of dozens of other fine items.

    Come see what you can find!