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  • Under the Water

    Under the Water

    Beneath the surface of the water there exists another world of adventure and of sights unseen. Whether the beauty of nature, or lost artifacts and treasures from a distant past, a sense of discovery accompanies each exploration. You can see more in these galleries: Redbubble Society 6 Pixels ArtPal Thank you for your patronage!

  • Glass Prism

    Glass Prism

    This macro photography features light refracting through a 3-pound chunk of jagged green glass. It would look great on a wall in your home, office, business lobby, cafeteria or hospital setting. In addition to fine prints, my picture is also available on several other items, too, including many great gift-giving ideas! You can visit the […]

  • Blue Glass

    Blue Glass

    Three dimensional digital art featuring reflections and refraction of light through various shades of blue glass. This design is now available in the following shops: Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels. So, stop by today to check out some cool stuff…

  • Glass On Glass

    Glass On Glass

    This photograph features the vintage glass of an old kitchen storage container (flour, sugar, etc.), placed on a glass-covered table. You can find prints and more in my gallery at Pixels. Plus, it makes a great gift!

  • Vintage Glass

  • A Block of Glass

    A Block of Glass

    It’s just a block of glass that I’ve had for many years. It weighs a few pounds and it’s green. It’s not an emerald, but I do place value in the beauty it has provided over time. Light refracting through a prism. Pretty simple. Perhaps you might enjoy this, as well? If so, prints and […]

  • Geometry of Color

    Geometry of Color

    Angular planes of geometric shapes reflecting layers of color in an abstract, chaotic display. See more products at Redbubble & Pixels. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Lamp Through Glass

    Lamp Through Glass

    I photographed my corner lamp through a very thick chunk of green glass, with many scratches. Cool prints available. Hope to see you soon!

  • Reflections of Glass

    Reflections of Glass

    Cool, colorful and creative digital manipulation of macro photography featuring refraction of light through glass. See more in my shop at Pixels. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Glass From The Past

    Glass From The Past

    Reflections in glass from the past convey wonderful imperfections in texture and color, as depicted below on items from my galleries at Society 6 and Redbubble – Thanks for stopping by!

  • Edges of Glass

    Edges of Glass

    Enjoy this close-up capture of an old chunk of glass with several rough edges and colorful reflections. Visit my gallery at Pixels to see more.

  • Large Chunk of Glass

    Large Chunk of Glass

    Enjoy this still life macro photography of a large chunk of glass with hues of blue and green. See prints and other items available in my gallery at Pixels.

  • Beauty of Glass

    Beauty of Glass

    This macro photography of a large chunk of glass in the sunlight demonstrates that beauty can be found almost anywhere…one simply has to look. If you’d like to look at available prints featuring this colorful image, visit my gallery at Fine Art America. Hope to see you soon!

  • Shades of Green Glass

    Shades of Green Glass

    Lately, I’ve enjoyed macro photography of items around the house – like this large chunk of green glass. Positioned on the floor to glow in the morning sun, this picture has now been added to my gallery at Fine Art America. If you’d be interested in a print for your home or office, several different […]

  • Macro Glass Reflections

    Macro Glass Reflections

    With macro photography, details make all the difference. Case in point, this “Macro Glass Reflections” close-up, in contrast to my earlier Fractured Glass blog entry (photographed yesterday). Although my idea of using a large chunk of green glass as subject matter was a worthy consideration, the earlier image was photographed from a hand-held perspective. Today, […]

  • Sea And Sun

    Sea And Sun

    Sunlight reflects across the sea along waves. Based on a photograph. Please visit my gallery at Fine Art America to review a variety of available print types…

  • Abstract Gemstones

    Abstract Gemstones

    This cool, colorful and creative digital gemstone abstract was designed using Adobe Photoshop, Filter Forge and Affinity Photo. I’ve added it to my galleries at Redbubble, Society 6 and Zazzle. Stop by for a visit to discover an array of interesting gift and apparel options.

  • Decorative Glass Jars

    Decorative Glass Jars

    Enjoy this detailed macro still life photography, featuring a set of decorative glass storage jars with beveled edges. If you’d like a new picture on a wall in your kitchen or dining room, then simply visit my gallery at Fine Art America to select one of many print options. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Green Glass Goblets Still Life

    Green Glass Goblets Still Life

    This close-up still life photography features a set of green glass goblets with clear stems on a gold colored tablecloth. Shades of green, curved reflections and a blurred background combine to add interest in this shot, which is available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Select among various available print types, such as: framed, […]

  • Retro Green Glass Goblets

    Retro Green Glass Goblets

    Whether in your home or at the office, you’ll enjoy this macro photograph featuring retro green glass goblets with clear stems. A variety of print types are available in my gallery at Fine Art America, including: framed, canvas, art, acrylic, metal and wood. So, check it out…