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  • Metallic Reflections

    This copper-colored, metallic three dimensional structure with a macro perspective is based on a fractal image, and was designed using Bryce and Affinity Photo creative software. You can discover many great gift-giving ideas when you visit the following shops… Society 6 Pixels Redbubble

  • Abstract Macro Fractal

    I created this digital artwork using Bryce and Affinity Photo creative software. It’s based on a fractal design, which was imported as a black and white jpeg into three dimensional space. That’s when the fun begins. Now, it’s available on many products in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. So, stop by and find something […]

  • Silver Sphere

    Digital artwork of a three dimensional silver sphere, featuring reflections of an abstract barren landscape and atmosphere. You can visit the following shops to discover great gifts and apparel… Redbubble Society 6 Pixels ArtPal Tee Public

  • Poem in Response

    Poem in Response

    After reading “Just Simple Pleasures for Today“, written by a dear friend & southern poetess, Kym Gordon Moore – wherein she shares her positivity with a morning cup of gratitude – I was inspired to write this short poem in response… From a fountain that flowsStreaming words which are wiseHer heartfelt reflectionsPenned with love, no […]

  • Morning Reflection

    Morning Reflection

    Morning sunlight illuminates autumn leaves of a distant valley, casting a golden-green reflection onto the foreground waters of Little River. This photograph was taken in the Smoky Mountains last fall, and is available on a variety of fine prints and more – in these galleries: Pixels ArtPal Society 6

  • Planetary Reflections

    Planetary Reflections

    When I woke up early this morning, to my great surprise, I observed that Planet Saturn had somehow been relocated inside of my computer, reflecting on the motherboard and featuring a vibrant green coloration?! I thought to myself – this can’t be…I must be imagining things – and so, I closed my eyes and went […]

  • City at Sunset

    City at Sunset

    Hues of gold and orange adorn sunlit reflections in my digital artwork of a cityscape at sunset. This urban scene is available on many fine items, in each of the following galleries – so, drop by for a visit when you’re in the neighborhood! Redbubble ArtPal Society 6 Pixels

  • Design Samples – Vol. 16

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  • Subway Reflections

    Subway Reflections

    This abstract, golden metallic subway scene of symmetry and reflections is available on a variety of cool gift and apparel items, in these shops: Redbubble, Pixels. So, stop by for a visit to check it out…

  • Poem of Sharing

    Poem of Sharing

    Following correspondence with a dear friend and frequent source of inspiration – Carla Milho, a lovely lady and talented writer hailing from Lisbon, Portugal – I wrote this poem… Hearts in Hands of Time A locket lost in the sands of timeOn a beach, on a date, long agoAs lovers captured a setting sunHolding hands, […]

  • Cubist Chaos

    Cubist Chaos

    This chaotic digital artwork features abstract geometric shapes with a subdued pastels color palette, and would look great on a wall in your home or office! Many different types of prints and other merchandise are available in my galleries at Pixels, Redbubble and ArtPal. I hope you will visit and find something which you like […]

  • Abstract Orange Glass

    Digital Reflections I created this interesting contemporary digital artwork in three dimensional space using a program called Bryce. You can enjoy it on a variety of cool items, when you visit my shops at Pixels and Redbubble – open 24/7. Hope to see you soon!

  • Mysterious UFO

    Mysterious UFO

    Digital art of a mysterious unidentified floating object under a starry night sky, casting reflections on water. Many great discoveries await eager eyes when visiting the following earthly locations: Redbubble Pixels ArtPal

  • Crystal Cones

    Crystal Cones

    Surreal fantasy landscape of three crystal cones reflecting sunlight under a geometric sky and across a digital ocean. You can visit any of the following shops for great products featuring my artwork… Redbubble Society 6 Pixels Tee Public Cafepress Thank you!

  • Abstract Glacier

    Abstract Glacier

    Top of the World Welcome to the North Pole, as depicted in my digital rendition of a colorful glacier reflecting sunlight. Actually, this fantasy landscape was created using a program called Bryce, by first importing a fractal design and then extruding it into three dimensional space. I’ve always enjoyed this image and hope you will, […]

  • Blue Glass

    Blue Glass

    Three dimensional digital art featuring reflections and refraction of light through various shades of blue glass. This design is now available in the following shops: Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels. So, stop by today to check out some cool stuff…

  • Topaz Reflections

    Topaz Reflections

    Surreal Seascape Another day at sea, reflecting on the beauty of nature while longing to roll upon wide open fields of green grass. Such is the life of this spherical gemstone, digital art now available on a variety of merchandise in the following shops: Society 6 Redbubble Pixels ArtPal Thank you for your patronage!

  • Processing Station

    Processing Station

    Reflections on a motherboard of circuitry in the shape of a city. This design reminded me of a miniaturized world, somewhat akin to the movies Tron and/or Fantastic Voyage. Today, entering this space is as easy as a click on your computer or phone → any of these links are a gateway to discover many […]

  • Spiked Abstract

    What is it? It may be a seed pod. Perhaps, it’s alien by nature. A third option might include it being a boolean object made using Wings-3D and Bryce creative software. Yes, that sounds about right. You can see my design on many great gift and apparel items, available when you visit these sites: Society […]

  • Mysterious Canyon Passage

    Mysterious Canyon Passage

    Light streams through blue canyon walls, reflecting across water to illuminate a mysterious passageway in this fantasy landscape. Begin your adventure by visiting my shops at Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels – to discover some great products!