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  • Gradient of Shapes

    Gradient of Shapes

    This contemporary graphic artwork features a streaming display of abstract and clustered shapes, with a colorful gradient overlay. You can visit my galleries to find great merchandise – wall art, mugs, t-shirts, device cases, etc.. Thanks very much!

  • Spheres of Orange Glass

    Spheres of Orange Glass

    Digital artwork of an infinite field of three dimensional cylinders with a few spheres of glowing orange glass. You can discover a finite amount of really cool items available when you visit any of the following shops –

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Pop Art Brunch

    Pop Art Brunch

    Many years ago, I was enjoying brunch at a restaurant and placed my camera on the table to snap this shot. Now, with texture and a pop art color palette, this graphic design is available on a variety of gifts and apparel items, in the following shops:

  • Pop Art Music

    For many folks, it doesn’t seem that long ago that cassette tapes were the principal means through which to enjoy listening to music. Wait a minute…how old am I? Ok, it was a while back. Nevertheless, you may enjoy this colorful pop art rendition of an audio cassette, shown here as a before & after. To create this design, I used my imagination, a free photograph found at, Affinity Photo and Filter Forge.

    You can find some cool stuff available in any of the following shops…


  • Hall Door

    Blue and Orange

    Abstract graphic artwork featuring a rough corridor hallway with a single closed door, in hues of navy blue and orange.

    You can discover many great gift and apparel items with my design, in these shops:

  • Abstract Pattern

    Abstract Pattern

    Intricate Mandala

    This kaleidoscopic digital artwork is available on products in the following shops. If you’re looking for a great gift-giving idea, do stop by to discover many options…

    Sample Product: Floor Pillow

  • Spinning Abstract


    and around again.

    This textural graphic design with color and geometric shapes uses the drost effect to create rotation.

    It’s available on a variety of great products, and would make an excellent gift-giving idea for the holidays – and birthdays, too.

    You’re sure to discover something you like when you visit any of the following galleries – open 24/7:

  • Turquoise Stripes

    Gifts and Apparel

    This cool abstract graphic design features a turquoise gradient, beveled vertical stripes and a simple textural layer. You can discover great products – for yourself or to give as gifts – when you visit the following online print on demand shops:

  • Black And Gold

    Symmetry And Contrast

    This black and gold symmetrical mandala graphic artwork can be found on a variety of cool products in the following shops:

    Redbubble & Pixels

    Check it out.

  • Design Samples – Vol. 13

    Pop Art Camera Lenses

  • Pop Art Pillars

    Welcome back to the 1990’s – this pop art photographic design features a series of pillars from a building on the campus of the University of Michigan. Today, you can find many different products featuring this image available in my shop. Hope to see you soon!

  • Spinning Nickels

    Spinning Nickels

    Nickels spinning into infinity, distorted through centrifugal force as displayed using the droste effect. If you suffer from Vertigo, please view with caution. All others should visit my shops at Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels, to discover some really cool stuff. Thanks!

    Spinning Nickels Into Infinity

  • Heads Up

    Chaotic Skulls Abstract

    This unusual graphic collage of skulls is available on a potpourri of unique gift and apparel items in my shop at Society 6 – such as posters, phone cases, water bottles, tapestries, shower curtains, beach towels, and much more…check it out.


  • Retro Pop Art Crashing Wave

    Retro Pop Art Crashing Wave

    Visit my shop at Society 6 to discover some really cool merchandise featuring this retro, pop-art graphic design of a crashing wave…wall art, furniture, home decor, bed & bath, tabletop, office, tech, outdoor & lifestyle, apparel & bags. Hope to see you soon!

  • Pop Art Plant No. 2

    Pop Art Plant No. 2

    Twice is nice – here, with a different color palette. Guests may visit my galleries at Pixels and/or Zazzle to discover a variety of fine items. Many great gift-giving ideas, too. Thank you for your patronage!