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  • Close Encounter With Bears

    Close Encounter With Bears


    (originally posted August 18, 2019)

    I recently hiked seven miles at the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area, near Jamestown, Tennessee – more about that in the days ahead. This post recaps two instances along the trail in which I encountered bears.

    Highlights: this park offers scenic overlooks of the canyon, substantial sandstone cliffs, interesting geological structures, and a canopied forest trail. Oh, and wildlife.

    🐻 Bear No. 1

    Have you ever had the feeling that you’re being watched? Well, that’s exactly how I felt as I approached a small stream at the base of the canyon. Nearly two miles into the wilderness, I had the sense that something was out there, that I wasn’t alone, and so I stopped to surveil my surroundings, keeping still to remain as quiet as possible. However, I didn’t see or hear anything.

    The trail crossed this stream, then paralleled alongside.

    The trail followed the stream, slowing gaining elevation with distance. I was soon at a point approx. 15-feet above the stream, when it happened: an adult male black bear probably twice my size (235 lbs.) had snuck up on me and was within 30-feet! This was likely the source of my concern, earlier, now in potentially dangerous proximity.

    I stopped moving and wondered what was next – should I turn back in the direction from whence I came, attempt to climb a tree (which was problematic, as these trees were tall and without low branches), remove and unzip my backpack to acquire a knife, or make lots of noise (I can whistle really loud!)?

    I opted to remain still, concluding that the bear was aware of my presence and deemed that I wasn’t a threat – an easy posture to assume, given its girth. As I watched, it became clear that the bear was undertaking his daily scavenging for a meal routine, shifting rocks in the stream to dislodge potential sources of food. This was in fact what first alerted me to the bear…the sound of rocks being moved.

    Regaining my composure, I shot this video as I followed the bear from along the trail, keeping back a safe distance while attempting to remain less conspicuous behind trees…

    Note: the large rock being easily moved by the bear in this video was probably in excess of 100 lbs..

    Also read: Part Two – Another Black Bear Video

    🐻 Bear No. 2

    I saw another bear not long after this encounter, along the trail at a higher elevation on a ridge. This bear was either a female or adolescent, which I estimated at 300 lbs. or less. As I was paying close attention to the root-covered ground while hiking, I happened to glance ahead and see a bear on the trail looking directly at me.

    The bear was probably 60-feet in front of me, and, when we made eye contact, took off like a bat out of hell racing downhill through the forest on an estimated 30-degree slope. I was truly amazed (and, quite pleased) at how fast this bear bounded down the hill.

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  • Black And White Cliff

    Pogue Creek Canyon

    Parks provide hikers with a variety of different environments. Some are simply peaceful trails through quiet forests, while others have expansive vistas or magnificent waterfalls. At Pogue Creek Canyon, on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, you’ll discover many interesting geological features – cliffs, caves and passages.

  • Geological Wonder

    Pogue Creek Canyon

    Looking up at the tall, overhanging sandstone cliffs while hiking at Pogue Creek Canyon, in Tennessee, I was reminded of the movie Aliens. 👽

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  • Land That Time Forgot

    Land That Time Forgot

    A land that time forgot…or so it seemed, with a stunning variety of unusual geological caves, cliffs and passageways. This is part of Circle Arch, located within the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area, near Jamestown, Tennessee. Prints are available. Thanks!

  • Unnamed Rock Face

    Unnamed Rock Face

    This photograph featuring a tall rock cliff and sandy trail was taken while hiking at the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area, near Jamestown, Tennessee. Prints available.

  • Tiny Turtle

    Tiny Turtle

    I photographed this tiny turtle while hiking at the Pogue Creek Canyon State Park, on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. Only a few inches but with a well-defined shell, I wasn’t sure if this was a smaller breed of turtle, or simply young. Prints available.

  • Circle Bar Arch

    Circle Bar Arch

    This photograph features an area known as Circle Bar Arch. It’s located within the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area, near Jamestown, Tennessee. If you enjoy hiking and geological structures, I can highly recommend that you visit this area. Alternatively, you can visit my galleries at Pixels, ArtFlakes and/or ArtPal for a print, if you’d like.

    Thanks for stopping by & enjoy the great outdoors!

  • Another Black Bear Video

    Another Black Bear Video

    Last August, while hiking at the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area

    Please read: Part One – Close Encounter With Bears

    🐻 Part Two – Another Black Bear Video

    Fortunately, the bear appeared preoccupied with his search for lunch, shifting rocks in the stream to dislodge potential sources of food. I stood behind trees, when possible, watching the bear move further away as I cautiously followed.

    At a switchback in the trail, I paused to record this video with the zoom feature on my camera. Although the stream was generally quite shallow, the bear found a deeper pool in which to relax and keep cool:

    Near the end of the video, you’ll observe (as I did) that the bear elevates his nose, sniffing in the air to identify an odor of my presence. At this point, the trail changed direction, and so did I – uphill and away!

    Footnote: I didn’t realize it at the time, but, if you turn up the volume on the video – and, the volume on your computer/device – you’ll hear the bear grunt as he detects my scent – yikes!!!

    If you like the header-image (above), it’s based on a photograph I took that day while hiking. A larger size is available on prints (and more) in my galleries at Pixels and/or Fine Art America. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Photographs From The Trail

    Here are a few photographs from trails I’ve hiked in the state of Tennessee –

  • Killdeer Arch

    Killdeer Arch

    Part Six – Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area

    Back on the trail, I hiked up and down various changes in elevation, crossed a few small streams, and also experienced a close encounter with bears! Finally, as I neared the point – a scenic overlook – at which I’d turn around, I saw a sign for the “Killdeer Arch”.

    This natural arch provides passage through a tall sandstone cliff along the Upper Canyon Trail, offering vertical clearance of 8 feet by 20 feet wide.



    If you enjoy nature, hiking outdoors and/or geology, you may be interested in a print featuring one of my photographs! If so, please visit my gallery to select images of “Killdeer Arch” from the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area.


    Here’s a short video of “Killdeer Arch” –

    More Pictures

  • Circle Bar Arch

    Circle Bar Arch

    Part Five – Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area

    Moving right along, it wasn’t long before I spotted this sign. Though I hadn’t heard anything about an area referred to as “Circle Bar Arch”, it was only 100 feet uphill from the trail, and the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area seemed to be full of interesting surprises.

    Indeed. When I reached the top I was greeted by a broad sandstone wall, filled with intricate contours, crevices and arches.


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  • Photographs Along The Trail

    Photographs Along The Trail

    Part Four – Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area

    Between various points of interest hiking Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area, there were many unique spots worthy of photographs along the trail. See below:


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