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  • Poem In Response

    Poem In Response

    After reading “Feathered Fans” by poetess Michele Lee Sefton from the Valley of the Sun, I was inspired to write this short poem in response…

    In the nectar you prepare
    and the kindness that you share,
    your heart, dear Michele, is sweet.

    Birds need the cool, clear water,
    as temperatures grow hotter,
    in Sonoran Desert heat.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Poem: With Her Love

    Poem: With Her Love

    Wisdom within a warm, wonderful woman
    Her happy, humble heart hath heavenly hues
    Live lightsomely, letting love luxuriate

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Haiku: Cascading Words

    Haiku: Cascading Words

    The following haiku was inspired by a friend, poetess and author Michele Lee Sefton, relating to her writers retreat in the Cascades…

    A pen in the pines
    Poetic vision sublime
    Heartstrings into lines

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • A Precious Soul

    A Precious Soul

    Calmly pouring a dab of sugar-water into her hand, I watched as she positioned it under a ray of morning sunlight.

    It glistened as I listened to the sound of a faint fluttering, slowly growing stronger.

    Soon, a hummingbird appeared, pausing briefly to glance my way before proceeding to drink from her palm, thirsty and trusting.

    From a precious soul, precious love emanated from her eyes in sharing and caring for this small, delicate creature.

    I’d never seen a bird smile before that day, and I’ll always treasure the beauty in her eyes – a joy in my heart.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Poem of Friendship

    Poem of Friendship

    And so it came to be
    Through chance or destiny
    That we would meet and become friends.

    The best times have begun
    To share laughter and fun
    Let’s hope our friendship never ends.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Poem of Dreaming

    Poem of Dreaming

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    Some may say she’s perfect
    She’ll tell you otherwise
    Aware that she has faults
    There’s no need for disguise

    Her shy smile and brown eyes
    Each melt my heart away
    Plus, an inner beauty
    She’s more than just okay

    The time to share is now
    While in the Spring of life
    And were my wish fulfilled
    Come Fall, she’d be my wife

    Yes, I know I’m dreaming
    Though hope to see the light
    Thinking of her daily
    And wanting what feels right

    Of course, a few things would need to change. For starters, it certainly would be nice if she’d remove my name from being blacklisted on her site at WordPress. It would also be charitable if my emails were no longer filtered into her trash bin. And, on occasion, she could use Twitter to read some of the messages & comments I’ve left for her. Perhaps, as an act of goodwill, she might like a single post on my web site…sometime. Lastly, if she would refrain from associating my name with the term ‘devil’ – I think that would be helpful, too. Barring these few exceptions, the future looks bright!!!

    Yes, I know I’m dreaming.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

  • Short Poem

    Short Poem

    Throwing stones at poems
    I was hit in the head
    Matching words that rhyme
    I completed the thread

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Poem of Gardens

    Poem of Gardens

    Having read a wonderful poem entitled “Connected Roots“, by poetess Michele Lee Sefton – where she highlights the life & beauty of a desert rose named Lady Banks – I was inspired to write this short poem…

    From separate places to common spaces
    In a garden tended by loving hand
    Plants and people of nature and nurture
    Sharing golden beauty across the land

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • One Line Poem

    One Line Poem

    The Letter “W”

    Wayfarers wish for woodlands wet with waterfalls.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Time Together

    Time Together

    Inspired by the writing of a friend: poem of husband & wife over time –

    It seemed like magic when we met
    Emotions we would share
    On the table was everything
    And with each word was care

    To matters of health and sickness
    In wealth or poverty
    Each felt until death do us part
    Was how it had to be

    To work things through with compromise
    And talk into the night
    So when the morning sunlight came
    Our time, again, was right

    Time sure flies when you’re having fun
    Sharing respect and love
    By motto of two lives well lived
    Our blessing from above

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • One Line Poem

    One Line Poem

    The Letter “P”

    Passion pushes the pen of poet to paper.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Poem: Two Hearts

    Poem: Two Hearts

    She found her heart one day beneath an old sweater
    That was lost in the attic of her yesteryear
    Collecting dust of memories long forgotten
    She took it back for want of love that she found pure

    Across the sea
    4000 miles
    Another heart did beat

    In a young man
    Whose love for her
    Would make their lives complete

    Together they would rule the world
    Two hearts, one love intwined
    To share this blessing they have found
    Heaven on earth, defined

    Holding hands in the park
    sipping wine after dark
    They were married last spring

    Now, they live happily by the ocean in a unique home which he built out of several shipping containers. She’s a thriving romance novelist, writing from her office which opens to a courtyard garden, in the center of their house. Together, they share stories in real time – a day in the lives of two dreamers who took a chance to embrace true love.

    The best is yet to come. Believe.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Another Year, Already?

    Another Year, Already?

    Good Morning 🌞

    Living in the Eastern Time Zone, USA, with a birthday this year on the day after the time change for daylight savings…

    Yesterday I lost an hour,
    And today I gained a year.
    But what about tomorrow?
    Time will tell – to make it clear.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • She’s A Good Witch

    She’s A Good Witch

    She’s a good witch
    The spells are real
    Her magic worked on me

    Within a wish
    She’d wink an eye
    And thoughts would come to be

    With no defense
    I’m at her whim
    And yes, she likes to play

    She wears me out
    Then props me up
    Each evening every day

    Don’t get me wrong
    I love her so
    And know she loves me too

    But she’s in charge
    This lovely witch
    Until the day is through

    She’s a good witch
    Her spells are real
    The magic works for me.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Poem of Courage

    Poem of Courage

    After reading a friend’s writing, “The Hell’s Barge Self” – an inspiring account of ones fighting spirit to cherish life through surgery and not succumb to agents of evil – I wrote this poem in response…

    Facing the faces of many
    Disparaging people unkind
    A warrior of courage with faith
    Evil cast away – out of mind.

    Drifting on boat through a dark hell
    Operating to fight disease
    Veiled voices behind a curtain
    A lesson learned – not to appease.

    Emerging stronger than before
    Precious life held close to her heart
    Eyes opened look forward with hope
    Living life anew – a fresh start.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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