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  • Moon Over Mountains

    Moon Over Mountains

    Graphic artwork featuring a glowing full moon in a universe of stars and the Milky Way, with a rocky mountain range and fresh water lake. You can discover cool gifts & apparel available in the following shops:

    Hope to see you soon! 👽

  • Somewhere In Space

    Somewhere In Space

    The Green Planet

    From a distant solar system, an uninhabited green planet of many mountains and an acidic sea remains undiscovered…until now. Welcome earthling! If your first thought happens to be take me to your merchandise, then head right this way –

    I hope you enjoy your visit and find something nice – just don’t drink the water!

  • Starchild

    Traveler In Time

    A blinding light appeared on the horizon as a child from another dimension stepped through a time portal, landing on the parched terrain of a remote Arizona desert.

    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

    See merchandise at Redbubble and Pixels

  • Mysterious Sphere

    Tales of A Time Traveller

    I set down on a mid-sized planet in the Alpha Centauri system, with dwindling fuel reserves and only enough water to sustain me for a few days.

    In the distance, my objective – the Sphere of Trevallon, an encased repository of ancient, inter galactic data. It also has 24-hour food service, Tang drinks, and an air hockey table, I’m told.

    Now, if I could only get beyond this sea of corrosive, deadly acid…

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  • Reflections of Another World

    Reflections of Another World

    Visit my shops at Pixels and ArtFlakes to discover Reflections of Another World – sci fi digital artwork of a distant alien planet with jagged mountains and a mysterious reflective curtain in space. Many items available. Thanks!

  • Exploring Space

    Exploring Space

    An astronaut sets foot upon a distant planet with what appears to be tufts of green grass? Guests are encouraged to visit my shops at Redbubble and/or Pixels to see more. Hope to see you soon!

  • Frame And Pillars

    Frame And Pillars

    Abstract architectural collage of Stonehenge, the Pantheon, a handmade wooden frame, sands of time, and a child looking into space at a mysterious planet and glowing stars.

    See more in my galleries at Pixels & Redbubble.

  • Metallic Sci Fi World

    Metallic Sci Fi World

    Yesterday, I traveled back in time to a distant computer – an old PC located across the room – to create this science fiction digital artwork, featuring a metallic planet of mountains and cones, with a mysterious, glowing blue sphere. I used Bryce creative software in the design process, with the finished product now available in the following galleries:

    Drop by for a visit when you’re in the neighborhood!

  • Reflections of Another Planet

    Reflections of Another Planet

    A glowing bright orange sphere sits perched on the rugged and reflective surface of a mysterious planet. You can bring this three dimensional science fiction scene into your space as a print or one of many other product options, by visiting my galleries at Society 6, Fine Art America or Redbubble. Thanks for stopping by!