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  • Upper Piney Falls

    Located on the Cumberland Plateau in Grandview, Tennessee, the Piney Falls State Natural Area is home to Upper Piney Falls, a scenic 80-foot tall waterfall. Though the moderately difficult hike is designed as a loop, most visitors prefer to stay left at the split and make this a 2.5 mile out and back trail, rather […]

  • Black And White Rock Steps

    Black And White Rock Steps

    This black and white photograph features a series of rock steps on the trail at Piney Falls – located at the Fall Creek Falls State Park, in Tennessee. Prints available for home, the office, a lobby or cafeteria.

  • Steps Into The Forest

    Steps Into The Forest

    This photograph of steps leading along a trail into the forest was shot at Piney Falls, located near Spencer, Tennessee, in the Falls Creek Falls State Park. Prints available.

  • Another Roadside Attraction

    Another Roadside Attraction

    This photograph features Cane Creek. I was en route to Piney Falls – located at Fall Creek Falls State Park – when I saw a pullover area and couldn’t resist taking a closer look. You, too, can enjoy this scenic image on a print in your home or office – visit my shop at Pixels […]

  • Small Falls On Cane Creek

    Small Falls On Cane Creek

    This small waterfall was photographed in the Fall Creek Falls State Park, along Cane Creek. Prints and more are available in my gallery at Pixels. Check it out…

  • Piney Falls

    Piney Falls

    Located in Tennessee within the Fall Creek Falls State Park, Piney Falls stands 95 feet tall and offers scenic views from an overlook near the parking area. Unfortunately, there are no unobstructed views from the canyon rim. Also, the suspension bridge near the falls is currently closed for repairs. However, there is a difficult trail […]

  • Reflections On Standing Water

    Reflections On Standing Water

    Following a rain, this photograph features reflections across an area of standing water. Taken while hiking at Piney Falls State Natural Area, in Tennessee. See more.

  • Lower Piney Falls

    Lower Piney Falls

    Lower Piney Falls stands 40′ tall, and, from the top, has a nice view of a high-walled gorge. There isn’t, unfortunately, access to the base of the falls. Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Grandview, Tennessee, it’s one of two waterfalls that visitors can enjoy – see Upper Piney Falls. Trails are well kept and […]

  • Interesting Geological Structure

    Interesting Geological Structure

    I photographed this interesting geological structure while hiking in Tennessee, at Piney Falls State Natural Area. Located on the ceiling of an overhang from a gorge-wall, these outcroppings represent the end result of erosion, where small amounts of water seeping through sandstone over time have deposited minuscule amounts of mineral – creating these downward structures […]

  • Piney Falls Gorge Trail

    Piney Falls Gorge Trail

    Having observed that the gorge below Lower Piney Falls (Tennessee) wasn’t easily accessible, I hiked back uphill and sought to secure a path of descent further along the river. Alas, it was not to be. However, on this half-hour side excursion, I did have the opportunity to see some very interesting rock formations. Visit my […]

  • Falling Water And Moss

    Falling Water And Moss

    Running water passes underneath a forest canopy and over a moss-covered stream bed at Lower Piney Falls, in Tennessee. This photograph is available on different prints in my gallery at Pixels. Check it out…