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  • Classic Canning Jar Framed Print

    Classic Canning Jar Framed Print


    Decorate the walls of your kitchen at home with this framed print, featuring a classic blue-green glass canning jar. This still life photographic image is available as a print in several different sizes to fit your needs and budget. Many frames to select. Enjoy!

  • A Vintage Archway Passage

    A Vintage Archway Passage

    This vintage black and white architectural image is based on a photograph taken at the Law Quad on the campus of the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, at the corner of State Street and South University. Through the corridor, archways open to an expansive courtyard of trees and lawn, surrounding by old stone buildings of the law school. Visit my gallery to see this image in a framed print, on device cases, tote bags and so forth.

  • University of Michigan Law Quad

    University of Michigan Law Quad

    Enjoy this black and white photography of an old school building located on the campus of the University of Michigan, in the courtyard of the Law Quad at the intersection of State Street & South University. This picture is available on several different types of prints, and other items in my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Lake Superior

    Lake Superior

    Enjoy this photograph of Lake Superior, taken in Michigan’s upper peninsula along the beach near Little Presque Isle, located between Marquette and Big Bay. Many different items featuring this picture are available, including the slideshow samples below …

    Available in these galleries ▸ Fine Art America, Redbubble, Society 6


  • Featured Work

    Featured Work

    I was honored to discover that my Castles In The Sand design (lower right) has been selected by Redbubble for display as a sample framed print in their recent “Nature” email campaign – thanks Redbubble! Stop by my gallery for more great designs…

  • Featured Work

    Featured Work

    I was honored to receive notice today that my “Castles In The Sand” landscape photography has been featured on the Redbubble Blog, on display to highlight an example of the new scarf product line being offered. Thanks Redbubble!

  • The Process of Creating Art

    The Process of Creating Art

    Whether trained or self-taught, every artist is different. The same can be said about artwork – some is created through a very deliberative process using specific techniques and styles, or, on the other hand, by accident as a matter of chance. As for what constitutes a work as being art, any such definition undoubtedly includes a component of subjectivity. That said, here is one example of the process of creating art