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  • Turquoise Nautilus

    Turquoise Nautilus

    Abstract digital artwork depicting a three dimensional nautilus fractal design with a turquoise color palette. I created this using Tierazon, Bryce and Affinty Photo creative software, and you can enjoy it on a variety of cool products available through these galleries…

  • Chimney Tops

    Visitors of the Smoky Mountains can reach Chimney Tops – a mountain that the Cherokee Indians called Duniskwalguni, meaning ‘forked antlers’ – after a two mile hike along a steep trail. It’s a beautiful view, and one that you can enjoy everyday on prints available in my gallery at Fine Art America. I hope you’ll visit and find something you like, either for yourself or to give as a gift. Thanks!

  • Watch Your Step

    Watch Your Step

    This creative and surreal fantasy landscape featuring an infinite array of staggered, rocky peaks, reminded me of the 1986 movie, The Golden Child, when Eddie Murphy was tasked with the death-defying feat of carrying a glass of water (without spilling) across a similar, dangerous terrain. Fortunately, it’s much easier to access the following shops in order to find many great gift-giving ideas…

  • Waiting For the Sun

    This morning photograph was taken in the Smoky Mountains before sunrise along the Foothills Parkway, near Wears Valley, Tennessee. If interested, prints are available.

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  • Foothills Sunrise

    Foothills Sunrise

    I shot this Smoky Mountains sunrise photograph from a scenic overlook along the (old) Foothills Parkway, near Townsend, Tennessee. Currently under construction, I’m looking forward to returning to this area. Meanwhile, you can enjoy my photography on many fine prints and other items, when you visit these galleries –

  • Another Place

    If you see a reflective blue sphere lodged in a mysterious terrain of sharp peaks, one thing is certain – you’re not in Kansas, anymore! In fact, this digital fantasy landscape is based upon a fractal design which I made in Tennessee. Far-out, huh? You can enjoy my design on a plethora of products when you visit the following shops:

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  • Mostly Foothills

    Mostly Foothills

    Mostly, but not entirely. Actually, this image combines two photographs, adds some light fog, a faint lens flare and adjustments to white balance. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice view…just not this nice, lol. Many prints are available in my gallery. Thanks very much!

  • Foothills Sunrise

    PHOTO 01

    Shades of Red

    I shot these sunrise photographs yesterday, along the Foothills Parkway in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, near Wears Valley. Prints available.

    PHOTO 02

    Shades of Gold

    Initially, everything was grey. But, as the sun rose from behind the foothills, both red and gold colors were on display. Prints available.

  • Desert Buttes

    Desert Buttes

    Digital art featuring a sepia tone western landscape peppered with buttes, with a vignette and texture added. You can see more when you visit my gallery – wall art, home decor, puzzles, lifestyle, stationary, phone cases, beach, coffee mugs, face masks & apparel. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Frozen Peaks

    Frozen Peaks

    Digital art featuring snow-covered peaks and icebergs in a remote ocean environment. You can enjoy this frigid scenery on a variety of gifts and apparel items, available in the following shops:

  • Golden Landscape

    Golden Landscape

    Welcome to my world of creative design, a surreal landscape of reflecting golden peaks and symmetry. The path to arrive at this location involved various software, the essence of which was to import a fractal image into three dimensional space. I won’t bore you with all the details, but provide directions to begin your adventure:

    Here are some sample products:

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  • Good Morning Sunshine

    Good Morning Sunshine

    This sunrise photograph was taken yesterday from a scenic overlook along the (new) Foothills Parkway, near Wears Valley, Tennessee. As a bonus, I saw an adolescent black bear roughly my weight (235 lbs.) scamper across the road and uphill into the forest.

    If you’d be interested in a print of any variety, then visit my gallery at Pixels to have a look around. There are many print types to select. Other items can also be found in my shop at Redbubble. Thanks!

  • A Long Hike

    A Long Hike

    After traveling thousands of miles around the world, it appeared that the final 50 miles would be the most difficult. For her love, however, no distance was too great and worth every bead of sweat…

    You don’t have to travel that far, though, to enjoy great products featuring my design. Simply visit the following shops to discover cool merchandise: Redbubble, Pixels, Artflakes. Perfect for the holidays!!!

  • Signs of Fire

    Chimney Tops

    I shot this photograph in the summer of 2019, while hiking Chimney Tops in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

    This image captures remnants of a burned tree from the fire of 2016, shown here after being cut down by park forestry personnel.

    If you’d be interested in a print, then please visit my gallery to find a suitable option:

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  • Mountain Range

    Mountain Range

    My digital landscape is available on cool stuff in the following shops:

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