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  • Revised Portfolio Design

    Today, I finally redesigned my portfolio. Using the Portfolio Projects function in WordPress, where each project is assigned a category, I created a new page – see my Full Portfolio page.

    With Full Site Editing, I used the Query Loop Block – once per category – assigning it in each instance to display four columns, with one linked Featured Image per column. For a minimal appearance, I also removed the post title & date information. Other blocks were then added – spacer blocks, separator blocks – to format the page.

    Next, I created several individual pages (one per portfolio project category), and returned each working link to my Full Portfolio page. As such, only four items per project category are displayed, with a link to see more.

    WordPress Support was very helpful answering questions, and shared this instructional video regarding use of the Query Loop Blockthank you!

  • WordPress Reader Lists

    In case you didn’t already know, it’s possible for WordPress site users to create a Reader List. This is a convenient means with which to see new content from a friend or site(s) of interest, without having to search – simply click their list link in the sidebar to see what’s new!

    Step By Step Directions

    1. click on “Lists” (in sidebar).
    2. click on “Create a new list”.
    3. enter a name (i.e., Phil Perkins).
    4. select visibility option (private).
    5. click Save.
    6. at the top, click “Site”.
    7. paste the URL (i.e., https://perkinsdesigns.com).
    8. click the “Add” option, underneath.

    You now have a Reader list link. Repeat as desired to add more.

  • Cut Logs Kaleidoscope

    Cut Logs Kaleidoscope

    This exercise in symmetry began as a photograph of randomly shaped cut logs strewn haphazardly in a pile of firewood. Following an extensive reorganization by a band of wild beavers, I added some finishing touches. It’s available on many products in my shops at Redbubble, Society 6 and Fine Art America. See samples below.

    Check it out…