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  • Mysterious Structure at Sea

    Digital art featuring a mysterious metallic structure at sea – whereabouts unknown – with glowing green orb, mostly still waters and a clouded sky. You can discover many great gift & apparel items in the following galleries:

  • Land of Ice

    Land of Ice

    Reflection of Clouds

    A frozen lake reflects glowing clouds, with a distant mountain range along the horizon and mysterious golden sphere floating in one of four rectangular openings. You can visit these shops for a selection of cool merchandise – Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels.

  • Desert Anomaly

    What is it?

    An unidentified flying object? Hmm…well, it’s not flying. It appears to be digital artwork featuring a fantasy desert landscape containing a mysterious metallic sphere. For a closer look, you can visit these shops for great gift-giving ideas:

  • Fantasy Landscape

    Fantasy Landscape

    This abstract three dimensional digital artwork features a turquoise color scheme, floating metallic orbs, and terrain which was derived using a fractal design.

    Land of Fractal

    You can enjoy this fun scene for yourself by visiting the following shops, where you’ll discover a potpourri of prints, gifts & apparel:

  • Reflections of Motherboard

    Reflections of Motherboard

    Computer circuitry extends to the horizon as far as the eye can see, while a mysterious metallic-blue sphere reflects the motherboard and an expansive atmosphere. Interstellar visitors can discover out-of-this-world items in these galaxies galleries:

  • Glowing Blue Orb

    Lost At Sea

    Somewhere – who knows where – in the middle of nowhere, a mysterious structure with an illuminated blue glass sphere stands alone in an ocean. If you’d like to visit for a closer look, simply go to my shops at Pixels and/or Redbubble.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Waterfront Structure

    Waterfront Structure

    If you find yourself in the land of science fiction, you might enjoy visiting this three dimensional waterfront structure with glowing orb, concrete walkway and elevated platform. Or, keep it real and stop by my shops at Fine Art America and/or Redbubble for great gifts & apparel selections!

  • Glowing Blue Orb

    Glowing Blue Orb

    Far from shore, this mysterious blue orb glows brightly at sea on a metallic-gold platform. What is it? Where did it come from? To date, the only information researchers have been able to provide is that more items like it can be found at Redbubble and Pixels.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Land of The Golden Orb

    Land of The Golden Orb

    With terrain difficult to traverse by either surface-rover or foot, an aerial transport is required to visit this mysterious Land of The Golden Orb. I used Bryce to create this science fiction landscape, as well as Adobe Photoshop for finishing details.

    Visit my galleries at Pixels and/or Zazzle to discover some really far-out stuff!