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  • Music and Design

    Music and Design

    Songs that I’m listening to this morning while working with photography and/or creating designs… Peg – by Steely Dan / 1977 Another Rainy Day in New York City – by Chicago / 1976 Dance, Dance, Dance – by Steve Miller Band / 1976 PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.

  • Slice of Earth

    Find Products In These Shops: Pixels Society 6 Redbubble Silhouette of an an abstract land mass with a person and tree, traveling on a journey through a sun-filled atmosphere toward the stars… Whether you’re looking for a gift to give to family members, friends, or something for yourself, you’ll find a plethora of products available […]

  • Outer Atmosphere

    Outer Atmosphere

    This graphic artwork depicts debris from space moving at a fast rate of speed and disintegrating upon contact with Earth’s outer atmosphere. See more at Pixels and Society 6. Thanks for shopping!

  • Lessons From The Trail

    Don’t Rush People are always in a hurry. In fact, I would suggest this is more common today than ever. Impatience is a sickness and people can’t wait to be somewhere else – anywhere other than their present location. In many instances, this may be inconsequential. However, patience can be very important in an unfamiliar […]

  • Lessons From The Trail

    The sounds of forest animals, echos of rushing water among mountains, wind through the trees…adventures in hiking and photography contribute to a sense of peace & happiness in my life. Accordingly, in order to enjoy such occasions, it’s important to understand and follow a few simple rules – Lessons From The Trail. Don’t Be Caught […]

  • Edge of Falls

    Edge of Falls

    This close up photography features an edge of the third-tier at Indian Flats Falls, a waterfall located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Visit my gallery at Fine Art America to select a print of your choosing as decoration for a room in your home or office!

  • Layers In Motion

    Layers In Motion

    This digital collage in hues of blue features overlapping layers with texture and movement. Visitors are encouraged to stop by my galleries at Redbubble and Fine Art America, to discover a potpourri of interesting items available. From wall art to apparel, device cases to home decor, yoga mats to beach towels, tote bags to beddings… […]

  • Water From A Dam

    Water From A Dam

    Enjoy this photography of water passing through a dam on the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Looking down over the rail, the algae covered spillway and base structure cast a green hue under the rushing waters. If you’d like to make a splash by adding a new print in your home or office, then […]

  • Colorful Tie Dye Starburst Throw Blanket

    Colorful Tie Dye Starburst Throw Blanket

    Enjoy this decorative throw blanket, featuring a vibrant tie dye graphic design with a colorful starburst pattern. Available in three sizes, it’s seriously soft – maybe the softest blanket on the planet – made of 100% polyester and sherpa fleece. Machine wash separately with cold water on gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat setting. Do […]

  • Winds of Erosion

    Strong winds eroding geometric structures, with a splash of color added to a predominantly black and white textural graphic design. I created this image using Adobe Photoshop. Guests are invited to stop by my gallery at Society 6 to see more…