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  • Abstract Beach Stones

    Abstract Beach Stones

    Enjoy this digital rendition of random stones on a beach. It’s based on a photograph, to which I used Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo and Filter Forge creative applications. It’s available on many different items in my shops at Society 6 and Redbubble. Stop by for a visit to see…

    Stones With Style
  • Digitized Stones By The Sea

    Digitized Stones By The Sea

    Based on a macro photograph from unsplash.com, this abstract digital imagery features a cluster of colorful pebbles by the sea. You can see more at my Redbubble and Pixels galleries.

  • Sandstone Layers

    Sandstone Layers

    This photograph was taken at the Twin Arches in Big South Fork National Park, in Tennessee, and features many layers of eroding sandstone. If you’d be interested in a print for your home, then visit my gallery at Pixels.

  • Black And White Boulders

    Black And White Boulders

    Enjoy this black and white photograph of large boulders strewn chaotically in a pile. See my gallery at Fine Art America for more.

  • Stone Design

    Stone Design

    This stone design is based on a photograph of a flagstone wall from a park near where I once lived. Uncommonly, it had a tetherball court. Guests are welcome to discover a variety of interesting items featuring this design, by visiting my galleries at Society 6, Redbubble and Fine Art America.

  • Box of Rocks

    Box of Rocks

    This photograph features a box of artful polished stones from my grandmother, who enjoyed tumbling stones as a hobby. Several print types and other items featuring this image are available in my gallery at Fine Art America – check it out…