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  • Car Parts

    Car Parts

    Based on a photograph, this abstract and chaotic graphic artwork depicts a classic car presented in geometric bits and pieces. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, drive by my galleries at Redbubble, Pixels, Tee Public and/or ArtPal, to see what you can see. Thanks very much!

  • Time Travel

    Time Travel

    Ready for a trip? Step inside this space portal, fasten your seat belt and be transported to another place and time. Do be aware, however, that your destination may be one of my POD shops. To save time, you may opt to directly visit any of these links to instantaneously discover out of this world products:

    Thanks for stopping by! 👽

  • Pieces of Time

    Digital art depicting the mechanics of time, based on a photograph of vintage clocks. You can discover many cool prints, gifts and apparel items when visiting the following galleries…

  • Abstract Motorcycle Engine

    Digital collage featuring a photograph of a motorcycle engine, added texture, geometric shapes and iridescent gasoline effects. Many prints, gifts and apparel items are available in the following shops…

  • Abstract Gears

    Abstract Gears

    Enjoy this three dimensional grunge-style graphic artwork, featuring several mechanical gears with reflection and half-tone effects. This image is available on many different great gift & apparel items, in the following shops:

    Check it out & I hope to see you soon!

  • Time Portal

    Time Portal

    The future. The past. Take your pick, adjust the dial, lock into position and press the green button labeled “GO”. It’s that easy. Although, it should be noted that, while this technologically advanced portal through space and time can take you anywhere, you may never return to the present. Just thought I’d mention that. Have a nice trip!

    But, before you go, make sure to visit the following shops to discover some really cool merchandise – posters, t-shirts, coffee mugs and so on. Thanks!

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  • High End Front End

    High End Front End

    This close-up photographic capture features the front end of a very expensive, high-performance automobile. Please remain behind the decorative stanchion barrier ropes, and do not touch the car! However, you’re welcome to visit my galleries for some much more reasonably priced prints, gifts and apparel…

  • Hi Tech Abstract

    Hi Tech Abstract

    Golden rays of energy reflect through light in this digital artwork of an advanced technological machine. I used Bryce and Affinity Photo software to create this interesting design, which you can discover on a variety of futuristic products in the following shops:

  • Subway Reflections

    Subway Reflections

    This abstract, golden metallic subway scene of symmetry and reflections is available on a variety of cool gift and apparel items, in these shops: Redbubble, Pixels. So, stop by for a visit to check it out…

  • Melting Machine

    Melting Machine

    Visit these shops for a selection of items featuring my original design:

  • Tempus Fugit

    Time Flies

    If ever a working time machine is invented, I hope that it looks like this!

    Whether having fun, like it or not, time marches on. So, too, does the calendar change with time – and, before you know it, the holidays are here.

    If you’re looking for an interesting gift to give to family, friends, or perhaps something for yourself, I encourage you to visit the following galleries:

    There’s no time like the present!

  • Mechanical Octopus

    Mechanical Octopus

    Halloween is coming…

    Lurking in the water at dusk, this giant mechanical octopus waits patiently off shore for its next meal. However, if encountered at your front door, an ample provision of goldfish crackers should assuage its hunger. You can also benefit by visiting these shops for great gifts and apparel items, no matter the season:

  • Mystery Machine

    Lost at Sea

    A mysterious machine is observed in the middle of nowhere. It appears to be brand new, clean, with a faint light underneath, illuminating the water. But what in the world is it?

    One thing is known for certain; that is, guests who visit the following galleries have discovered great merchandise available on a wide variety of products featuring this image…

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  • Brass Rings

    Metallic Machine

    The purpose of this interesting technological contraption remains a mysterious. However, whatever it is, it’s certainly cool and also available on a variety of fine gift and apparel items, here:

    Redbubble and Pixels

  • Motorcycle Engine

    Motorcycle Engine

    Abstract Chrome Vehicle

    This graphic design features an abstract representation of a motorcycle engine, which I photographed in 2009 while on vacation in Florida. It’s available on many different gift and apparel items in the following galleries: