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  • Second Poem Published

    Second Poem Published

    Today, it’s my honor to annunciate that I’ve had poetry published on MasticadoresUSA. I’m grateful to site Editor Gabriela Marie Miltonthank you very much, Gabriela – for selecting my poem, which is entitled, She’s a Good Witch. Please do visit the site. Thanks!

    She’s a good witch
    The spells are real
    Her magic worked on me

    Within a wish
    She’d wink an eye
    And thoughts would come to be

    With no defense
    I’m at her whim
    And yes, she likes to play

    She wears me out
    Then props me up
    Each evening every day

    Don’t get me wrong
    I love her so
    And know she loves me too

    But she’s in charge
    This lovely witch
    Until the day is through

    She’s a good witch
    Her spells are real
    The magic works for me.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

    Originally posted March 13, 2021.

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.

  • First Poem Published

    First Poem Published

    I’d like to offer a special word of thanks to Gabriela Marie Milton. She’s a wonderful poetess and I encourage you to visit her site and read her work. She’s also the Editor at MasticadoresUSA, featuring both poetry and short stories, where this morning I had my first poem published. So, stop by for a visit when you can to enjoy this creative web site!

    Two Hearts

    She found her heart one day beneath an old sweater
    That was lost in the attic of her yesteryear
    Collecting dust of memories long forgotten
    She took it back for want of love that she found pure

    Across the sea
    4000 miles
    Another heart did beat

    In a young man
    Whose love for her
    Would make their lives complete

    Together they would rule the world
    Two hearts, one love entwined
    To share this blessing they have found
    Heaven on earth, defined

    Holding hands in the park
    sipping wine after dark
    They were married last spring

    Now, they live happily by the ocean in a unique home which he built out of several shipping containers. She’s a thriving romance novelist, writing from her office which opens to a courtyard garden, in the center of their house. Together, they share stories in real time – a day in the lives of two dreamers who took a chance to embrace true love.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

    Originally posted March 20, 2021

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.