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  • Glowing Forest Trail

    Glowing Forest Trail

    I shot this photograph in 2006 while hiking Sugarloaf Mountain in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, between Marquette and Big Bay. Later, I used various creative software to stylize the image. Today, it’s available in my gallery at Pixels on a variety of different prints.

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  • Reflections


    Vintage graphic design of nature through photography, as a late afternoon sun reflects across the glistening waters of Lake Superior, on a bay in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. See more.

  • Vintage Lake Superior

    Vintage Lake Superior

    Ever changing sands and stones along the shores of Lake Superior, shaped by unpredictable waves of white water, welcome both the tourist and beachcomber to absorb the beauty of Michigan’s upper peninsula.

    I’ve added this vintage image to my gallery at Pixels.

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  • Lighthouse On Lake

    Lighthouse On Lake

    Enjoy my digital rendition of a lighthouse at the end on a rocky pier. Based on a Lake Superior photograph taken at Marquette, in Michigan’s upper peninsula. Guests are invited to visit my galleries at Redbubble and Pixels to see more.

  • Upper Peninsula Shores

    Upper Peninsula Shores

    This landscape photograph of an expansive, rocky shoreline was taken on Lake Superior, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Specially, at Presque Isle in Marquette.

    To see it for yourself may require extensive travel time and expense. So, instead, I’d recommend that you visit my gallery at Fine Art America to bring this coastal landscape into your home. Several print types are available, including: framed, canvas, art, wood, acrylic and metal – customize to suit your wishes.

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  • Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

    Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

    This landscape photography features an area referred to as “The Cove”, located on Presque Isle in Michigan’s upper peninsula town of Marquette. If interested, it’s now available on a poster at Zazzle. Thanks for looking!

  • Through The Forest

    Through The Forest

    This digital artwork is based on a photograph taken near Marquette, Michigan, and features a forest with a bed of pine needles and a clearing – Lake Superior – through the trees.

    I’ve added it to my gallery at Fine Art America, where guests can discover a variety of fine print types for the home or office. Several customization options are also available, including – size, frame, mat, paper and finish.

  • Short Rock

    Short Rock

    Enjoy this black and white photograph of Short Rock, located on Lake Superior at Marquette’s McCarty’s Cove (formerly, Michigan Beach). A variety of print types are available in my gallery at Fine Art America, and would make a terrific addition to your home decor. Check it out…

  • Memories of The Big Lake

    Memories of The Big Lake

    Looking back in time to the waves of Lake Superior, crashing on to and over a break wall located in Michigan’s upper peninsula, at Marquette on Presque Isle. Based on an analog photograph from 1994. Visitors can see more in my gallery at Fine Art America. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Autumn In The Upper Peninsula

    Autumn In The Upper Peninsula

    Based on an old analog photograph taken during the autumn season in Michigan’s upper peninsula, east of Marquette, this framed print will provide a colorful aesthetic piece for any room in your home! A variety of sizes, frames and customization options are available in my gallery at Fine Art America…check it out.

  • Carved Sandstones

    Carved Sandstones

    This macro photography features two pieces of sandstone from Marquette, Michigan, carved by children circa 1974. Now, it’s available on a variety of print types in my gallery at Fine Art America. Stop by for a visit to have a look around…

  • Sailboats In Dock

    Sailboats In Dock

    Enjoy this photography of sailboats in dock. I shot this picture at the harbor of Marquette, in Michigan’s upper peninsula, and added several textural effects to create a vintage appearance. Guests may visit my gallery at Fine Art America to discover a variety of print and other items available print on demand. Thanks for stopping by!