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  • Vintage Lighthouse

    This vintage photograph features an old Coast Guard Station lighthouse, located on Lake Superior in Michigan’s upper peninsula at Marquette. Enjoy this scenery all year long with a print or other product from these galleries: Pixels, Redbubble and Society 6. Thanks for shopping!

  • Vintage Lighthouse

    Marquette, Michigan

    Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on Lake Superior, this old Coast Guard Station served for many years as a beacon for maritime activity. If you’d be interested in a print, please visit my gallery at Pixels to select the print type best suited for your purposes.

  • Little Presque Isle

    Island of Gitche Gumee

    Imagine…the shores of Lake Superior, at Little Presque Isle, north of Marquette, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula…on a wall in your home, office, business lobby or cafeteria setting. Get the picture?

  • Shores of Lake Superior

    Little Presque Isle

    It’s often said that a person can never go home again; that is, everything changes with time. Memories fade, often becoming embellished and romanticized, and the environment from which recollections stem are also altered. Yet, with a refined sense of appreciation – and, at just the right moment – magic can happen.

    This was my experience upon returning to the shores of Lake Superior, the place of my childhood, as seen here – outside the city of Marquette, in Michigan’s upper peninsula, along the beach near Little Presque Isle.

    The dynamism of a shoreline governed by powerful forces of nature – i.e., Lake Superior – provided a compelling, beautiful visual and spiritual experience, beyond my reminiscence. A great day, indeed!

    Prints available.

  • Tale of A Cat

    Growing up on Lake Superior in the upper peninsula of Michigan, in the small city of Marquette, our family always had pets. And, at one point, we owned a black-and-gray striped cat named Bootsy.

    He was an indoor-outdoor cat, and, when inside, enjoyed sitting by the large picture window in the living room, at the front of the house.

    There were lots of kids in the neighborhood at that time, so it was common for friends to come over and visit. We also had a doorbell with a glowing light.

    Once, the doorbell rang and I went to see who it was, opening only the main door but not the screen door. I looked but nobody was there.

    At that time, a common prank which children enjoyed was called ditching doorbells – ringing someone’s doorbell & running away.

    Assuming this was the case, I closed the door and began to walk back into the house. Just then, it rang again. I turned around quickly and opened both doors, stepping out on to the front porch to see who it was – but, there was no person in sight.

    However, an explanation quickly became apparent. It was our cat!

    As the front porch was visible from the living room window, he could see people come to our house, press the glowing doorbell, hear the sound of the doorbell, and then watch us react by opening the door.

    On his own, Bootsy learned he could get on the milk box, and then jump up on top of the mailbox, from which he could lean against the doorbell, letting us know when he wanted to come inside. That education was a game-changer for a cat.

    The question: did we own the cat, or did he own us? I think the latter.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

  • Vintage Film Negative

    Vintage Film Negative

    Prints available. This film negative was shot in the mid-1990’s and features a railroad trestle spanning across the Dead River ravine, north of Marquette, in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Thanks for stopping by!

  • A Seagull Rests

    A Seagull Rests

    Vintage summer photograph of a seagull resting on a rock, in Lake Superior – Marquette, Michigan. Prints available.

  • Pine And Birch

    Pine And Birch

    Enter into a quiet forest of pine and birch trees, with a comfortable cushion of pine needle-bedding underfoot as you walk toward the light. Along the way, you can visit my shop at Pixels to discover some great print options for your home or office, as well as a potpourri of other items to enjoy.

  • Great Lakes Freighter

    Great Lakes Freighter

    Stylized vintage photograph from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, featuring a Great Lakes freighter in Lake Superior being loaded at the iron ore dock located on Presque Isle. See more.

  • Lake Superior Islands

    Lake Superior Islands

    Enjoy this photograph of islands in Lake Superior, as seen from an upper peninsula beach in Marquette, MI. See prints available.

  • Storm On Lake Superior

    Storm On Lake Superior

    Storm clouds on the horizon and white caps rolling into shore are featured in this vintage, sepia tone photograph of Lake Superior – taken at Presque Isle, in Michigan’s upper peninsula near Marquette. See more.

  • Cloud Cover

    Cloud Cover

    Sunrise through cloud cover over Lake Superior. Photographed from the harbor break wall in the upper peninsula city of Marquette, Michigan. See more.