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  • Watercolor Tie Dye

    With Disc Golf Basket

    Enjoy the great sport of disc golf and my digital watercolor tie dye design, together! You can discover some very cool products to purchase for yourself, or to give as a gift – here:

  • Disc Golf Basket

    Disc Golf Basket

    This retro silhouette disc golf basket with starburst tie dye graphic art is available on some really cool products, in the following shops: Society 6, Redbubble and Pixels. Buy stuff. Play disc golf. Have fun!

    Sample Product: Wall Tapestries
  • Disc Golfing

    Disc Golfing

    Silhouette of a disc golfer putting towards the chains of a basket, with a sunset on the horizon. This design is available for purchase on a wide variety of cool products in my shops at Redbubble & Cafepress.

    Check it out…

  • Disc Golfing Bird


    Enjoy playing the great sport of frisbee disc golf along side this fun blue bird character, taking a shot with his putter. Discover many cool items – tee shirts, stickers, mugs, masks, etc. – available in my Tee Public shop. Thanks for shopping!

  • Eight Ball Corner Pocket

    Who Has Next?

    There’s just enough daylight to sink this game winning shot – eight ball in the corner pocket. If you enjoy playing pool, you’ll probably like my graphic design, also…so, stop by my shops at Society 6 and Pixels for some fun merchandise.

  • Play Disc Golf

    Extreme Sports

    The sun is setting and you’re on the 18th hole. One basket left. One mountain to climb. One more shot to get close and not fly over the edge, down the other side. Good luck, grasshopper.

    After the round, why not check out some cool merchandise available in my shop at Redbubble…

  • Disc Golf Basket

    Disc Golf Basket

    This graphic design features colorful rings around a silhouette disc golf basket and grass. It’s available on a variety of gifts and apparel items in my shop at Zazzle…so, check it out.

  • Eight Ball In The Corner Pocket For The Win

    Eight Ball In The Corner Pocket For The Win

    If you enjoy the game of pool, then you’ll probably like this design of a cue ball, an eight ball and the corner pocket – for the win! It’s a blend of styles, both comic and watercolor, and works well on a variety of gift and apparel items found in my web shops at Society 6 and Pixels. Thanks for stopping by!