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  • Time for Change

    Earlier, I stopped in at a nearby grocery store to shop for ingredients to make my world famous spaghetti. Well, it’s really only known locally – so, small world famous? Hmm… Whatever the case, Sriracha Sauce continues to be unavailable in the area. Oh, and I purchased some lottery tickets.

    As usual, I was second in line at the customer service counter, waiting behind an elderly woman going through the process of returning an item. Apparently, there were complications, and, once concluded, she forgot to take her bag. Fortunately, there were no coupons or checkbooks involved, so the wait wasn’t too long.

    Of course, I’d like to win the lottery, but I was also there to make change. So, I purchased $5 worth of tickets and handed the cashier a $20 bill. She printed the tickets, put my money into the cash register, closed the drawer and handed me a $5 bill as change.

    “Hey, I gave you $20. You owe me $15”. She shot me a suspicious glance, as if questioning whether or not I was trying to pull the wool over her eyes, then reopened the register to remark, “Oh, you’re right. I accidentally put your $20 bill into the $10 slot”. We chuckled and I smiled, until she put another $5 bill on the counter, adding “Here you are. Sorry about that”.

    I said, “Hey, hey, that’s only $10, now…you still owe me another $5″. Momentarily dumbfounded, she added another $5 to the mix and, finally, we were square. As I turned to begin shopping, I thought to myself…

    the third time is the charm!


  • A Stitch of Comedy

    A Stitch of Comedy

    It was a comfortable three weeks beyond my annual ironing day when I discovered that one of my five shirts was missing a button. Steamed, I grudgingly set about to undertake the dreaded process of repair – finding time and a spare button, scissors, needle and thread.

    After what seemed like an eternity, I secured a new button snugly into place and donned my shirt. Despite efforts to closely follow directions, however, it quickly became apparent that things had gotten all fouled up…

    How could I have sewn the button on the left side of my shirt?!

    Rather than start over, undoing everything I’d already accomplished, I chose instead to simply cut another buttonhole into the other side of my shirt – after all (I thought), once it’s buttoned, who’ll know the difference?

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

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  • Word for the Day

    Once again, it’s Friday the 13th 👻 Hence, today’s word is: triskaidekaphobia.

  • Wednesday, Already?

  • Haiku


    I think I've got something!
       What is it?
    A haiku.
       God bless you!
    No, it's a poem.
       Have you had it it contagious?

    Like the common cold
    It is nothing to sneeze at
    – words may serve to heal

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

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    See lyrics here → On the Road to Find Out, by Cat Stevens (1970)

  • Humor: A Long Day

    Humor: A Long Day

    After a long day of hiking in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, I was exhausted, hungry, and still several miles away from my vehicle parked at the trailhead. So, I decided to call a cab for a ride back. Fifteen minutes later, this vintage 1920’s Cadillac taxi arrived – with no driver. Unfortunately, the keys were neither in the ignition nor tucked under the visor…alas.

  • An Irish Riddle

    An Irish Riddle

    The Question

    Can you cite an example of a sentence which uses the word “and” consecutively, five times in a row?

    The Story

    In Dublin, Ireland, there was a pub known as the Bear And Boar. One morning, following a powerful storm, the sign from that establishment was found broken, scattered in shambles across the ground. So, the proprietor set about to make repairs.

    Some time later, a patron wandered along and was greeted by the owner. “Good day, Finnegan. How do you like our new sign?” Finnegan studied the sign for a spell, then responded…

    The Answer

    “I like the new sign just fine. However, if it were up to me, I would’ve left more spacing on the sign between the words Bear and And, and And and Boar.”

    Author ~ Anonymous

    🍀 🍻 🇮🇪

    Erin go Bragh

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  • Comedy Quote

    Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.

    Groucho Marx

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  • Poem of Friendship

    Poem of Friendship

    And so it came to be
    Through chance or destiny
    That we would meet and become friends.

    The best times have begun
    To share laughter and fun
    Let’s hope our friendship never ends.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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  • Poem of Dreaming

    Poem of Dreaming

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    Some may say she’s perfect
    She’ll tell you otherwise
    Aware that she has faults
    There’s no need for disguise

    Her shy smile and brown eyes
    Each melt my heart away
    Plus, an inner beauty
    She’s more than just okay

    The time to share is now
    While in the Spring of life
    And were my wish fulfilled
    Come Fall, she’d be my wife

    Yes, I know I’m dreaming
    Though hope to see the light
    Thinking of her daily
    And wanting what feels right

    Of course, a few things would need to change. For starters, it certainly would be nice if she’d remove my name from being blacklisted on her site at WordPress. It would also be charitable if my emails were no longer filtered into her trash bin. And, on occasion, she could use Twitter to read some of the messages & comments I’ve left for her. Perhaps, as an act of goodwill, she might like a single post on my web site…sometime. Lastly, if she would refrain from associating my name with the term ‘devil’ – I think that would be helpful, too. Barring these few exceptions, the future looks bright!!!

    Yes, I know I’m dreaming.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

  • Walt Disney Quote

    Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.

    Walt Disney

  • Interview With Emojis

    Interview With Emojis

    I wrote this imaginative piece earlier this year, about a woman I liked and whose name shall remain anonymous…

    🎙 What is courage?
    😊 Well, I call her by her first name – XXXXX. She is courage.

    🎙 Is she strong?
    😅 Yes. She’s much stronger than I, and less than half my size. And I’m not ashamed to say it, but I’m afraid of her.

    🎙 What does she look like?
    😍 To me, she is a vision of beauty – her eyes, face, smile…and she’s also equally lovely inside.

    🎙 Have you told her?
    🤔 Have I told her what?

    🎙 That you love her?
    🥰 Is it that obvious? Well, yes.

    🎙 Hmmm…did she say it back to you?
    🕵 Well, I think she asked me about the weather…but she didn’t say that she didn’t love me.

    🎙 I see. And that’s fine with you?
    ❤️ Yes, it is.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

    I think it’s good to be able to laugh at oneself 😂 at times, and I hope that you found my sense of humor entertaining. Have a great day 👍

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  • Laughter Is Good Medicine

    Laughter Is Good Medicine


    What you’re about to see in no way resembles the behavior of a mature adult

    I made this film in December 2020 for a woman I liked a lot, but who, at that time – in my opinion – had low self confidence about her appearance. In my eyes, though, she was truly beautiful…

    Sadly, remarks such as – I like you very muchI think of you a lotI know that it is a huge feelingI dream about you – etc., ended early.

    But, the video remains & has some redeeming value – Phil’s humor 😂 I’m glad that I can laugh at myself & think laughter is good medicine!

    MUSIC CREDIT:Beautiful” by Gordon Lightfoot (1972).

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  • A Poem

    A Poem

    Keep On Moving…

    Her eyes look right through me
    As if I wasn’t there
    It’s not the way it was
    In fact, she used to care

    But times have changed, today
    More folks have come along
    No longer a bright light
    She’s found another song

    I guess that I should go
    To find a pretty face
    Another girl to meet
    And welcome to my space

    Be grateful to share smiles
    And break bread together
    Write poems and laugh anew
    Nothing lasts forever

    It sure would be nice, though.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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