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  • Poem About A Writer

    Poem About A Writer

    I have a friend who is a gifted & imaginative writer. She also is often a source of inspiration for me to write poetry, including the following…

    She Writes From The Heart

    Putting pen to paper she writes
    Words flow from her creative mind
    Imagination without limitation
    Always, one of a kind.

    From deep in her heart, filled with love
    Her life experiences teach
    With wisdom and inspiration
    She shares advice but doesn’t preach.

    A humble woman with courage
    She’ll tell you to believe
    She knows the best is yet to come
    Her goals set to achieve.

    I’m so grateful to call her friend
    Yet sometimes my heart skips a beat
    Her eyes and face, so beautiful
    And precious soul, so sweet.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

  • Poem of Love

    Poem of Love

    I was inspired to pen this poem after reading a writing by a friend

    In My Heart

    Her eyes drew me in to a soul I found pure
    Very precious and rare, of that I am sure

    Not cut as a cookie
    Her beauty unique
    Both inner an outward
    Distinctive and chic

    A place in my heart very special to me
    This spirit-warming love which will always be

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

    Photo Credit: this is a modified photo from

  • Poem of Trees

    Poem of Trees

    With a love of hiking & the great outdoors, I was inspired by the beautiful words of a friend’s writing, “Trees Are The Poem The Earth Wrote To Heaven“, to create this poem:

    Of roots and trunks and branches, too
    And don’t forget each leaf
    With bark that’s better than a bite
    More sun is warm relief

    Let’s not discount the rain
    It’s most important, too
    Each season brings real change
    In sum, that’s how I grew

    The sky above has quite a view
    With colors close to ground
    Each forest has so many trees
    Go hike, and look around

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

    Photo: I took this photograph last autumn at the Fall Creek Falls State Park.