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Tag: gravity

  • Small Waterfall

    Photograph of a small waterfall in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

    Photograph of a small hillside waterfall, with moss and scattered logs, located the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains, in Tennessee. See prints available.

  • Surreal Sea Scene

    Digital artwork depicting the planet Earth mysteriously hovering above a stacked pile of rocks, somewhere in an ocean. You can see gifts & apparel in these shops:

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  • When Metal Floats

    When Metal Floats

    This surreal digital artwork depicts the impossible: structural metallic-cages floating in the air & water! I’ve added this image to a variety of cool gift and apparel items, available in the following shops…

  • Checkerboard Landscape

    Prints, posters, wall art, home decor, stationary, office, accessories, device cases, pet stuff, stickers, face masks, puzzles, mugs, scarfs, bags, water bottles, placemats, serving trays, cutting boards, furniture, bed & bath, desk mats, wrapping paper, the kitchen sink (sorry, kitchen sinks are unavailable) and much, much more! Check it out…

  • Defying Gravity

    Digital artwork featuring reflective metallic cubes defying gravity to float above the hi-tech circuitry of a computer motherboard…or, something like that. You can discover much more on a variety of great products available when you visit the following shops:

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  • Space Satellite

    Space Satellite

    This three dimensional digital satellite is depicted in the upper atmosphere, quietly orbiting planet Earth. You can have a closer look when you visit my shops for great products, gifts and apparel – here:

  • Icicles


    Water glistens in direct sunlight as icicles drip while melting. This textured photograph is available on a variety of cool stuff in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. And, it would also make a nice gift idea.

  • Running Water


    Sometimes simple scenes in nature can be the most beautiful, such as this photograph capturing the direct, cascading downhill flow of water.

    This morning scene was photographed downstream from City Lake Falls, in Cookeville, Tennessee.

    If you’d be interested in a print, several varieties are available to select in my gallery at Pixels.

    And, other items can also be found in my shops at Society 6 and Redbubble.

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  • Blue Spheres

    In Defiance of Gravity

    Surreal spheres floating inside the structure of an abstract metallic grate – available on gifts and apparel in these shops:

    Redbubble | Pixels | Society 6

  • Sunlight On Cascades

    The Smoky Mountains

    Enjoy the beauty of white water along Middle Prong Little River, as a sliver of sunlight crests the mountain to illuminate an edge of running water. Prints available.

    This photograph is also featured on many different products, in these categories: wall art, home decor, puzzles, lifestyle, stationary, phone cases, beach, coffee mugs, face masks and apparel.

  • Water Chasing Gravity

    Middle Prong Little River

    Take a seat, kick back and enjoy the sounds of nature…birds welcoming the change of season, a gentle morning breeze rustling through the forest, and a pleasant, relaxing sound of flowing water. This is what awaits your visit to the Smoky Mountains, as shown here in Tennessee. You can also enjoy such scenes from home…

  • Floating Tower

    Slices of A Fractal

    In the world of ones imagination, gravity is optional. This magical tower with floating turquoise sphere and checkerboard surface landscape is available in my shops on many fine items. So, please visit…

    Redbubble, Pixels, Society 6

  • Rushing Water

    Rushing Water

    Water banks between moss covered boulders, finding the course of least resistance in line with gravity. This photograph was taken along the Middle Prong Trail, in the Tremont section of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. Prints available.

  • Cascades And Gravity

    Cascades And Gravity

    Enjoy this photograph taken downstream from Conasauga Falls, located in the Cherokee National Forest of southern Tennessee, featuring cascades following gravity through a rocky gorge. Prints and more available in my shop. Thanks for visiting.

  • Spherical Reflections

    Spherical Reflections

    Hundreds of metallic spheres reflect upon how it is that such an act of defiance to gravity is possible? Discover the answer when you visit my shops at Redbubble, Pixels & ArtFlakes. Here are a few sample products you’ll find…

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