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  • Structure at Sea

    Located at sea far from land, a mysterious glowing metallic structure captures the interest of area boaters…but, what is it? For a closer look, you can decide for yourself when you visit my shops to discover many great products:

  • Into The Cosmos

    Let your imagination explore the cosmos on a futuristic golden spacecraft! My digital artwork is available on a variety of out of sight products which you can discover in these shops:

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  • Abstract Palm Frond

    Creative Balance

    This interesting digital artwork is based on a photograph which I took many years ago while in Hermosa Beach, California, and features a palm frond. You can discover many great prints, gifts & apparel in the following galleries…

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  • Golden Fractal

    Golden Fractal

    This abstract digital artwork was created using a fractal design I developed, after which it was imported into three dimensional space. An egg-shaped object was added at center, materials and lighting were applied, and I zoomed the (virtual) camera forward for a closer perspective.

    It’s now available on a wide variety of cool stuff in these shops:

  • Waiting for the Sun

    Waiting for the Sun

    Morning sunlight streams from the east, illuminating autumn leaves across a valley in the background, as a rocky Middle Prong Little River rushes through dawn. Visit these shops for prints, gifts and apparel:

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  • City at Sunset

    City at Sunset

    Hues of gold and orange adorn sunlit reflections in my digital artwork of a cityscape at sunset. This urban scene is available on many fine items, in each of the following galleries – so, drop by for a visit when you’re in the neighborhood!

  • Hi Tech Abstract

    Hi Tech Abstract

    Golden rays of energy reflect through light in this digital artwork of an advanced technological machine. I used Bryce and Affinity Photo software to create this interesting design, which you can discover on a variety of futuristic products in the following shops:

  • Turquoise Abstract

    Turquoise Abstract

    Wall art, home decor, puzzles, lifestyle, stationary, phone cases, beach, coffee mugs, face masks, apparel, kids & babies, stickers, home & living, office, accessories, furniture, tabletop, tech, bags, etcetera and so on. You can visit my shops to see more –

  • Geometric Reflections

    Geometric Reflections

    Burst of geometric shapes in hues of gold, orange and brown, with reflective surfaces. This creative digital artwork is available on a variety of gifts & apparel items in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Gold and Green Waves

    Gold and Green Waves

    Modern art of abstract curves in an earth tones color palette with texture and reflective qualities. You can find a variety of fine items available – prints, home decor, technology, apparel and more – with this design when you visit any of the following galleries:


  • Smoky Mountains Sunrise

    Smoky Mountains Sunrise

    This morning photograph was taken at the Luftee Overlook before sunrise, in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Prints and more are available for purchase in my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble. So, stop by to find something for a wall, or a gift for family and/or friends.

  • Abstract Sunflower

    Abstract Sunflower

    This artistic, abstract digital rendition of a sunflower has been added to a variety of products in these galleries: Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels. Stop by to discover many great holiday gift-giving ideas!

  • Inside A Golden Fractal

    Inside A Golden Fractal

    Do you remember what the interior of the space colony looked like in the movie, Aliens? Well, it was something like this, though this digital artwork was created in three dimensions using a fractal, and not as the result of some menacing creature from outer space. Thank goodness, because you can enjoy this cool design in safety by visiting these online shops:

  • Foothills Sunrise

    Foothills Sunrise

    This photograph uses a zoom lens to capture a sunrise in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, as seen from the (new) Foothills Parkway near Wears Valley. Prints are available in my gallery and would make a great gift!

  • Crystal Ship

    Crystal Ship

    Reflection and refractions through a mysterious crystal structure created on the basis of a fractal design. You can discover a multitude of cool products featuring my design, when you visit the following shops: