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  • Abstract No. 2048

    Abstract No. 2048

    If you don’t like the number 2048, feel free to add or subtract until which time a derivative complements your sensibilities. At that point, visit the following shops for great prints, gifts and apparel…

  • Abstract Geometric Sunset

    Abstract Geometric Sunset

    What started out as a relaxing game of checkers in the afternoon, ended in chaotic disarray by sunset. Nevertheless, whether or not you play the game, you can enjoy my digital artwork on prints, gifts and apparel items, when you visit these shops: Redbubble, Pixels, Society 6 and ArtPal. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Green and Gold Abstract

    Green and Gold Abstract

    Have you ever wondered what a fractal looks like from a macro perspective? Well, this image was created using a fractal design, which I imported into three dimensional space using Bryce software. You can find it on many cool products when visiting these shops: Redbubble, Pixels, ArtPal, Society 6 and ArtFlakes.

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  • Gradient of Shapes

    Gradient of Shapes

    This contemporary graphic artwork features a streaming display of abstract and clustered shapes, with a colorful gradient overlay. You can visit my galleries to find great merchandise – wall art, mugs, t-shirts, device cases, etc.. Thanks very much!

  • Golden Fractal

    Golden Fractal

    This abstract digital artwork was created using a fractal design I developed, after which it was imported into three dimensional space. An egg-shaped object was added at center, materials and lighting were applied, and I zoomed the (virtual) camera forward for a closer perspective.

    It’s now available on a wide variety of cool stuff in these shops:

  • Vintage Abstract Structure

    Vintage Abstract Structure

    This graphic artwork features an abstract and distorted cluster of metallic toruses, with a grunge style, vintage effect, shading and a color palette of gold and blue. You can find many fine prints and other items in the following galleries:

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  • Design Samples – Vol. 16

  • Home by the Sea

    Home by the Sea

    Golden skyscrapers with reflections extend from shore into an ocean of currents, below sparse cloud-cover in this digital, fantasy seascape. You can discover many fine products featuring my design in the following print on demand outlets:


  • Black and Gold

    Abstract Mandala

    This glowing digital artwork resembles a kaleidoscope with intricate symmetry and layers. It also looks really nice on a variety of items – prints, gifts and apparel – in these galleries:

    sample product – floor pillows
  • Golden Landscape

    Golden Landscape

    Welcome to my world of creative design, a surreal landscape of reflecting golden peaks and symmetry. The path to arrive at this location involved various software, the essence of which was to import a fractal image into three dimensional space. I won’t bore you with all the details, but provide directions to begin your adventure:

    Here are some sample products:

    Hundreds of items to select!

  • Heart of Gold

    Heart of Gold

    Love is in the air, or, at a minimum, a three dimensional golden heart that’s rough around the edges. Acquire what you seek and shop until your heart’s content, in the following galleries:

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  • Abstract Extrusion

    Spherical Pattern

    Using Affinity Photo and Filter Forge creative software, this abstract three dimensional sphere in a blue and gold color palette has been added to my shop at Redbubble. There are many different items to discover, either as something for yourself, or as an original gift-giving idea for family and friends. So, stop by and check it out!