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  • New York Glass

    As a child with a hobby of collecting old bottles, this vintage glass was unearthed during the 1970’s while digging near a haunted house in Marquette, Michigan. Photo One is a small bottle from the Napier Chemical Company in New York, and has an air bubble in the glass. Photo Two is a taller bottle from the Black Cat Polish Company in Buffalo, New York, and to this day retains much of its original cork. See more in my gallery.

  • Design Samples – Vol. 6

  • Imperfect Beauty

    Imperfect Beauty

    It is the degree of unique variations in the face of a lovely woman which serve to define beauty, in my opinion, not cookie-cutter uniformity. This same interpretation can be applied across a spectrum of subject matter, including vintage glass bottles. Here, characteristics that are one of a kind – air bubbles, asymmetrical color, scratches, chips and stains, etc. – provide for an imperfect beauty with far greater appeal. If you’d be interested in a print, please visit my shop. Thank you.

  • Reflections of Vintage Glass

    Reflections of Vintage Glass

    Many moons ago, I collected old bottles in my youth, foraging local hillsides to unearth vintage treasures. I still have several on hand, a close up example of which is provided in this photograph:

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  • Vintage Turquoise Glass

    Vintage Turquoise Glass

    This macro photograph features an old, round-bottom glass bottle with turquoise color. Available on prints – see more.

  • Water Spout For Ironing

    Water Spout For Ironing

    Enjoy this macro photography featuring a vintage glass bottle with water spout, used for steam when ironing clothes. This still life is available on a variety of print types in my gallery at Pixels – perfect for a wall in your home!

    Check it out…

  • Opening of Glass Bottle

    Opening of Glass Bottle

    Enjoy this macro photography featuring the opening of a vintage glass bottle. Visitors are encouraged to stop by my gallery at Pixels for more.

  • Antique Round Bottom Bottle

    Antique Round Bottom Bottle

    This close up photograph features an old bottle with a round bottom and green glass. If you’d be interested in a print, many options are available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Check it out!

  • Still Life Glass Bottle Bottom

    Still Life Glass Bottle Bottom

    This still life macro photography features the interesting details on the bottom of an old glass bottle. Visit my gallery at Fine Art America to see a variety of print types available – framed, canvas, art, metal, wood and acrylic. Perfect for a wall in your kitchen or dining room, either at home or work!

  • Air Bubbles In Vintage Glass

    Air Bubbles In Vintage Glass

    Enjoy this macro photography of an antique green bottle with several air bubble imperfections. For more, see my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Bottom of A Bottle

    Bottom of A Bottle

    This close-up photograph features the bottom of an old bottle with many air bubble imperfections, and embossed lettering Cantrell & Cochrane. I think that it once contained mineral water, ginger ale, seltzer water or medicated aerated water.

    Interested in a print for your home? If so, visit my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Vintage Glass Bottle Pop Art

    Vintage Glass Bottle Pop Art

    This colorful pop art graphic design features the partial photograph of an old bottle (Napier Chemical Company, New York) which I dug from the ground as a child interested in old bottle collecting. Now repurposed, visitors may enjoy one of several different print types available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Check it out.

  • Round Bottom Glass Bottle Print

    Round Bottom Glass Bottle Print


    Enjoy this photograph of a vintage round bottom glass bottle, featuring many air bubbles and unusually thick glass. An item from a collection amassed (scavenged) as a youth, this framed print would make a fine addition to your home or workplace. Select the size, frame, mat, paper and finish options to make it your own!

  • Vintage Bottle Framed Print

    Vintage Bottle Framed Print


    Enjoy this still life photography framed print of a vintage green glass bottle, originally acquired decades ago as a childhood hobby of collecting old bottles. You can make this your own by selecting the size, frame, mat, paper and finish options. Perfect for decorating the walls of your kitchen or dining room!