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  • Metallic Reflections

    This copper-colored, metallic three dimensional structure with a macro perspective is based on a fractal image, and was designed using Bryce and Affinity Photo creative software. You can discover many great gift-giving ideas when you visit the following shops… Society 6 Pixels Redbubble

  • Abstract Macro Fractal

    I created this digital artwork using Bryce and Affinity Photo creative software. It’s based on a fractal design, which was imported as a black and white jpeg into three dimensional space. That’s when the fun begins. Now, it’s available on many products in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. So, stop by and find something […]

  • Retro Pop Art 3D Spheres

    Retro Pop Art 3D Spheres

    Style: 3D render Genre: Surreal Software: Bryce, Affinity Photo Shops: Society 6, Redbubble, Pixels, Tee Public An infinite array of reflective metallic spheres aligned in rows, with a retro color scheme, geometric surface and close-up perspective. Check it out! © 2022 Phil Perkins

  • Abstract 3D Reflections

    Abstract 3D Reflections

    This original, abstract contemporary digital artwork is available on a wide variety of great products in the following galleries: Pixels Redbubble Society 6 ArtPal Tee Public Cafepress Okay, but what is it? This is the view from inside a large, hollow sphere, which is both absent gravity and lined with a mirrored-surface. In order to […]

  • Silver Sphere

    Digital artwork of a three dimensional silver sphere, featuring reflections of an abstract barren landscape and atmosphere. You can visit the following shops to discover great gifts and apparel… Redbubble Society 6 Pixels ArtPal Tee Public

  • Geometric Layers

    Abstract. Colorful. Geometric. Layers. More ↓ Redbubble Society 6 Pixels Tee Public ArtPal

  • Defying Gravity

    Digital artwork featuring reflective metallic cubes defying gravity to float above the hi-tech circuitry of a computer motherboard…or, something like that. You can discover much more on a variety of great products available when you visit the following shops: Redbubble ArtPal Pixels Thanks very much!

  • Geometric Earth Tones Pattern

    Geometric Earth Tones Pattern

    This graphic pattern design features layered geometric shapes and an autumnal earth tones color palette. It’s now available on a variety of great gift and apparel items in these print on demand shops: Redbubble, Society 6 and Tee Public. I hope you’ll stop by sometime to find something you like. Thanks!

  • Chaotic Red Rings

    Chaotic Red Rings

    Enjoy this close-up, surreal three dimensional digital artwork featuring several red toruses and a sphere, enveloped in reflection. You can find many cool products, including gifts & apparel, in the following shops: Society 6 ArtPal Redbubble Pixels Thanks very much!

  • Orange Squares Plus

    Colorful Digital Painting Looks great on home decor, coffee mugs, pillows, bath & bed, apparel and accessories. See more at my Redbubble and Society 6 shops. Thank you!

  • City at Sunset

    City at Sunset

    Hues of gold and orange adorn sunlit reflections in my digital artwork of a cityscape at sunset. This urban scene is available on many fine items, in each of the following galleries – so, drop by for a visit when you’re in the neighborhood! Redbubble ArtPal Society 6 Pixels

  • Geometric Cluster

    Geometric Cluster

    What’s green, grungy and abstract all over? Well, you’re looking at it. This digital geometric cluster design features many rectangular shapes in an organic presentation. And, you guessed it – it’s available on a variety of cool gift & apparel items in my shops at Redbubble, ArtPal and Pixels. So, stop by and check it […]

  • Spheres Around

    Spheres Around

    Columns stretch toward the sky from a series of reflective spheres, while a blue sphere at center is surrounded by a three dimensional fractal structure. It’s somewhat of a trip, yes, but you won’t need to travel far to enjoy my digital artwork, available on many different items in the following shops: Society 6 Redbubble […]

  • Design Samples – Vol. 16

    see more see more see more

  • Turquoise Abstract

    Turquoise Abstract

    Wall art, home decor, puzzles, lifestyle, stationary, phone cases, beach, coffee mugs, face masks, apparel, kids & babies, stickers, home & living, office, accessories, furniture, tabletop, tech, bags, etcetera and so on. You can visit my shops to see more – Redbubble Tee Public Pixels Society 6

  • Alien Pod

    Alien Pod

    This science fiction digital artwork depicts a mysterious, futuristic alien spacecraft situated on an expansive body of water. Guests can discover out of this world prints, gifts & apparel items, at the following shops: Redbubble, Pixels, Tee Public and ArtPal. Thanks!

  • Cubist Chaos

    Cubist Chaos

    This chaotic digital artwork features abstract geometric shapes with a subdued pastels color palette, and would look great on a wall in your home or office! Many different types of prints and other merchandise are available in my galleries at Pixels, Redbubble and ArtPal. I hope you will visit and find something which you like […]

  • Mysterious Sphere

    Mysterious Sphere

    A mysterious crystal sphere levitates over an old railroad bridge – Nemo Bridge – located in Wartburg, Tennessee. So, what is it? That’s a good question. One thing is certain, though: it’s available on a variety of fine products, including prints, gifts & apparel. You can visit any of these shops to see more: Redbubble […]

  • Geometric Reflections

    Geometric Reflections

    Burst of geometric shapes in hues of gold, orange and brown, with reflective surfaces. This creative digital artwork is available on a variety of gifts & apparel items in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Steps

    Based on a photograph, this digital rendition of an architecturally interesting array of steps reminds me of graphic artwork by the famous M.C. Escher. You can discover some cool stuff available in these shops: Redbubble, ArtPal and Pixels. Thank you!