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Tag: geology

  • Cliffs at Twin Arches

    After enjoying the arches, caves and vistas from atop natural land bridges at Twin Arches, located in Big South Fork National Park, near Oneida, Tennessee, I continued hiking and photographed this large, overhanging cliff. If interested, you can find prints available in my gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Little River

    Little River offers picturesque roadside scenery in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, featuring an ever-changing landscape. You, too, can enjoy this waterway – in your home or office – when you visit my galleries to select a print:

  • Cascades


    This summer photograph of cascades was taken at the Savage Gulf State Natural Area, upstream from Savage Falls. Like many other waterways on the Cumberland Plateau, the volume of water present varies greatly depending upon the season of the year. Despite a low level during my visit, I nevertheless considered this underlying rock structure a real treat to see, and photograph. If interested, prints are available. Thanks for visiting!

  • Mead’s Quarry Lake

    I recently had the opportunity to hike around Mead’s Quarry Lake, located at the Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. With cool temperatures and plenty of sunshine, it was indeed an enjoyable and scenic visit.

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  • Waterfall


    This 30-foot tall waterfall located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee is Spruce Flats Falls. You can see more when visiting my gallery, where many prints are available. So, check it out…

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  • Triple Falls

    Also known as Little Egypt, Triple Falls in located along Bruce Creek in Caryville, Tennessee. You can find prints available here, and watch a video here.

    Print types include: framed, canvas, art, acrylic, poster, metal, tapestry and wood. Also, framed print purchases may be customized to make it your own!

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  • Cascades

    Whitewater cascades photographed on Little River, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

    This midday photograph features cascades along Little River, located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. As direct sunlight was shielded by a mountain peak, I was able to capture this scene using a polarizer filter. Find prints here.

  • Rock Climbing

    I recently had the opportunity to enjoy rock climbing. No, not using ropes and carabiners. Rather, this was more of an adventure climbing within an old quarry, located at the Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was definitely a good workout, and I’ll provide more photographs in the days ahead.

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  • Shots From the Trail

    More specifically, shots from the trail to Spruce Flats Falls in the Smoky Mountains. It’s not a long hike, though the terrain is somewhat challenging with several changes in elevation. Nevertheless, the falls are beautiful so it’s definitely worth the effort! These photographs are available as prints in my gallery, so, if you’d like to decorate an empty wall in your home, office, business lobby, cafeteria or hospital setting, then do stop by and have a look around.

  • Riverside Scene

    Whitewater cascades photographed on Little River in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

    Dappled light of afternoon illuminates aspects of whitewater cascades along Little River, located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. I shot this long exposure photograph as the sun moved behind a mountain ridgeline, using a polarizer lens filter.

    Prints, gifts and more can be found in the following galleries:

    Enjoy the great outdoors!

  • Forest Falls

    Forest Falls

    Morning sunlight streams over mountain peaks, through trees and on to an edge of this forest waterfall. Located in the Smoky Mountains along an eight mile out and back trail, this autumn scenery is available on prints in my gallery.

  • Little River Rapids

    Little River Rapids

    Simple beauty of cascades in shallow water adorns this stretch of Little River, located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Prints available in my gallery.

    Print types include framed, canvas, art, wood, poster, metal, acrylic and tapestry. Framed prints may be customized to suite your wishes. Other items to see, also.

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  • The Sinks

    The Sinks

    This 15-foot tall waterfall known as The Sinks is located along Little River Gorge Road, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. With a small parking area and no signs, its often overlooked by drivers, despite having a scenic overlook viewing area. You can find fine prints for your home or work, in these galleries:

  • Black and White Waterfall

    Black and white photograph of Eagle Falls in Kentucky

    More specifically, this is Eagle Falls, a 30-foot tall waterfall located along the Cumberland River in Kentucky, near Corbin. It can also be found quite easily by visiting my galleries at Pixels and/or ArtPal, where you’ll discover an assortment of wonderful prints available to enjoy at home or work.

  • Water and Rocks

    Photograph of Thunderhead Prong in the Smoky Mountains.

    Following a heavy rain overnight, high water along Thunderhead Prong surrounds a tree and cascades over large rocks near the riverbank. Fine prints are available.