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  • Abstract Glacier

    Abstract Glacier

    Top of the World

    Welcome to the North Pole, as depicted in my digital rendition of a colorful glacier reflecting sunlight. Actually, this fantasy landscape was created using a program called Bryce, by first importing a fractal design and then extruding it into three dimensional space.

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    Note: if you’ve come to the North Pole looking for Santa Claus, it may be a while…it’s only January, after all.

  • It Is Alive

    It Is Alive

    As astronauts pressed on to explore unmapped regions of Mars, they were shocked beyond belief to discover that the planet was in fact alive! The moral of this story is: look where you step, and if where you step looks back, step away. Better yet, step into these shops to uncover great gift ideas for the holidays…

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  • Fantasy Landscape

    Fantasy Landscape

    This abstract three dimensional digital artwork features a turquoise color scheme, floating metallic orbs, and terrain which was derived using a fractal design.

    Land of Fractal

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  • Crystal Ship

    Crystal Ship

    Reflection and refractions through a mysterious crystal structure created on the basis of a fractal design. You can discover a multitude of cool products featuring my design, when you visit the following shops:

  • Inside A Blue Moon

    Inside A Blue Moon

    Satellite of Earth

    Beneath the moon’s surface, an interior environment eludes observation…

    After desaturating and formatting a fractal design, it was then imported into three dimensional space and extruded to generate depth of terrain. Several spheres were positioned accordingly, and the entire scene was placed within a hollow, reflective dome. Color, materials and lights were added, as well as magnification.

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  • Golden Landscape

    Golden Landscape

    Welcome to my world of creative design, a surreal landscape of reflecting golden peaks and symmetry. The path to arrive at this location involved various software, the essence of which was to import a fractal image into three dimensional space. I won’t bore you with all the details, but provide directions to begin your adventure:

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  • Abstract Green Fractal

    Surreal Spikes

    Enjoy this three dimensional green abstract digital artwork, based on a fractal design. You can discover some really cool gift & apparel items by visiting my shops – here:

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  • Orange Sphere

    Orange Sphere

    A mysterious orange sphere floats in crystal-clear water near a mirror image extruded fractal, in this contemporary surreal design. It’s available on a variety of merchandise in my shops, so stop by and pick something out for yourself, or as a cool gift to give to someone! You can visit these shops to see more:

  • Turning Fractal Tower

    Surreal 3D Art

    This contemporary digital artwork is available on a variety of products in the following shops:

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  • Creature of The Mountain

    Rodan? Godzilla?

    Enjoy this science fiction based, three dimensional digital artwork of a mysterious creature emerging from its mountainous domicile. Will this gargantuous anomaly prove to be friend of man, or wreak havoc on a cataclysmic scale? Stay tuned to discover the fate of humanity! In the meantime, please visit my shops at Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels, where you’ll find some really cool products available for sale.

  • A Day At The Beach

    Beach of Shells

    Step into a sunny and surreal scene at the beach, as you enjoy my digital landscape artwork of two gargantuan shells – possibly, prehistoric fossils. You can discover interesting products featuring this image, whether for you or to give as an original gift – by visiting my shops at Society 6, Redbubble and Pixels. Hope to see you soon!

  • Nautilus Fractal Design

    Nautilus Fractal Design

    This interesting nautilus shell fractal design is available on a variety of fine products in my shop at Redbubble. Stop by for a visit to discover great gift giving ideas in categories such as clothing, kids & babies, phone cases, stickers, wall art, home & living, stationary and accessories.