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    Enjoy my artistic rendition of a curious fox looking, perhaps, at an unattended campfire grill. If you’d be interested in a print for your home or office, or as a gift for family or friends, then please visit my gallery at Fine Art America. Select from several different print options –

    • framed
    • canvas
    • art
    • acrylic
    • metal
    • wood

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  • 1970’s Pop Art Beauty

    1970’s Pop Art Beauty

    Enjoy this retro pop art graphic design featuring a cute young woman from the 1970’s, with vibrant colors and texture. Check out my gallery at Fine Art America for more – many print types to select!

  • Red Fox On The Move

    Red Fox On The Move

    This red fox has his eye on something, probably lunch. Ever so softly he steps forward, careful not to alert the prey to his presence. He is focused, as this meal should last for the day. This picture is based on a photograph and is available in my gallery at Fine Art America on a variety of prints and other items. Great for both home and at the office. Enjoy!