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  • Poem


    Reflections from this morning…

    Two lines in time
    Reflect as one
    In unison

    © 2023 Phil Perkins

    Teach Your Children, by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (1972) – see lyrics here.

  • Poem of Sharing

    Poem of Sharing

    Following correspondence with a dear friend and frequent source of inspiration – Carla Milho, a lovely lady and talented writer hailing from Lisbon, Portugal – I wrote this poem…

    Hearts in Hands of Time

    A locket lost in the sands of time
    On a beach, on a date, long ago
    As lovers captured a setting sun
    Holding hands, moving close, hearts aglow

    In the years since passed
    Now, a quiet life
    With the fire kept warm, alive

    Down memory lane
    As husband and wife
    Still in love, on a moonlight drive

    In the twilight between dusk and dawn
    Step by step, tracking prints, shifting sand
    Reflections on gold, one summer night
    Found again, on the beach, hand in hand

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

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  • A Poem

    A Poem

    Keep On Moving…

    Her eyes look right through me
    As if I wasn’t there
    It’s not the way it was
    In fact, she used to care

    But times have changed, today
    More folks have come along
    No longer a bright light
    She’s found another song

    I guess that I should go
    To find a pretty face
    Another girl to meet
    And welcome to my space

    Be grateful to share smiles
    And break bread together
    Write poems and laugh anew
    Nothing lasts forever

    It sure would be nice, though.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

    Modified photo from