Tag: folk art

  • Chaos and Texture

    This abstract digital artwork includes an earth tones color palette, texture and a chaotic display of principally geometric shapes.

    You can find it on many great gift-giving ideas in the following shops:

  • Three Wooden Boxes

    • Style: Graphic art
    • Genre: Geometry
    • Software: Affinity Photo, Filter Forge
    • Shops: Pixels, ArtPal, ArtFlakes

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

  • Tie Dye Design

    Retro Starburst

    This colorful starburst tie dye graphic design features texture and a retro style reminiscent of the sixties. It also looks great on a wide variety of products available in the following shops: Redbubble, Pixels, ArtPal and Tee Public. So, stop by and check it out…

  • Colorful Tie Dye

    Colorful Tie Dye

    Retro Starburst Design

    This colorful tie dye digital artwork features a mix of textures and watercolor effects. It’s available on a wide variety of products in my shops at Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels. Check it out…

  • Starburst Disc Golf Basket

    Abstract Tie Dye

    If you enjoy the great sport of disc golf & like retro folk art, then this is the best of both worlds. You can see more great products featuring my design in the following print on demand shops:

  • Abstract Pattern

    Mostly Monotone Mandala

    This sixteen-point abstract symmetrical graphic design has been added to a potpourri of products in the following shops:

  • Disc Golf Basket

    Disc Golf Basket

    This retro silhouette disc golf basket with starburst tie dye graphic art is available on some really cool products, in the following shops: Society 6, Redbubble and Pixels. Buy stuff. Play disc golf. Have fun!

    Sample Product: Wall Tapestries

  • Retro Tie Dye

    Retro Tie Dye

    You can enjoy this colorful, textured retro tie dye folk art with digital watercolor effects, on a wide variety of cool products in these shops:

  • Vintage Truck Side Mirror

    Old School Is The New Cool

    This textural digital rendition based on a photograph features an old school, vintage truck with artistic side mirror. If you’d be interested in a print for your home, there are many options to select – visit my shop to see what suits you. Other items also available.

    Thanks for shopping!

  • Venice, Italy

    Life On The Water

    Enjoy my digital rendition of a canal among buildings in Venice, Italy. Based on a photograph, you can relax for a pleasant tour of the city in a gondola, or travel by internet to my gallery and purchase some wonderful wall art for your home. Prints are available in many varieties, such as canvas, framed, art, poster, metal, acrylic, wood and tapestry. Other items, also.

  • Tie Dye Watercolor

    Retro Meets Digital

    This graphic design blends a vibrant, retro starburst style of tie dye with a modern digital watercolor effect and added texture. A great product selection is available for you when visiting these shops:

  • Earth Tones Pattern

    Earth Tones Pattern

    This textural earth tones pattern design is available on a variety of fun items in my shop at Redbubble – masks, duffle bags, water bottles, phone cases, clothing, bath mats, jigsaw puzzles, aprons, tapestries, journals, posters & much more. Check it out!

  • Depth of Orange

    Depth of Orange

    Visit my shop at Society 6 to discover some cool merchandise featuring this orange-themed graphic design. With layers, texture and depth perspective, this geometric pattern works well on a number of different items available…check it out.

  • Picnic Crystal

    Picnic Crystal

    So, where’s the food – this is a picnic, right? Well, no, this is only a design. Visit my shops at Redbubble and ArtFlakes to discover some really cool stuff for sale. Once there, you can ask about hot dogs, chips and lemonade, if you’d like…

  • It’s Full of Stars

    It’s Full of Stars

    There are many words which could be used to describe this design – stars, abstract, kaleidoscope, symmetrical, space, graphic design, colorful, textured, balanced, mirror image, etc., and so on. I just think it’s cool, and hope you will, too. Visit my shops at Society 6 and/or Pixels for more. Thanks!