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  • Poem in Response: Part II

    Poem in Response: Part II

    After writing my recent Poem in Response, inspired by reading “The Dance“, a wonderful poem penned by the beautiful Floridian poetess, Holly Hunter, I wrote this follow-up poem…

    Sharing the stars
    Embracing time
    Awake until twilight

    Two hearts in tow
    Drawn by the moon
    Through waves of love, delight

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

    PHOTOT CREDIT: modified photo from

    Morning Dance, by Spyro Gyra (1979)

  • Poem in Response

    Poem in Response

    Having read “The Dance“, written by the talented and lovely Floridian poetess, Holly Hunter – in which a beautiful redhead at the Sad Café holds the light of her heart in her hand – I was inspired to write this poem…

    Rhythm in waves
    They found the beach
    To make the moon their own

    Two hearts as one
    One dance in sync
    In love, never alone

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

    Update: I’ve added a second writing, Poem in Response: Part II.

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from

    Flor d’Luna (Moonflower), by Santana (1977)

  • Vintage Miami Skyline

    Vintage Miami Skyline

    Based on a photograph I shot many years ago, this vintage graphic artwork features a skyline view of buildings in Miami, Florida, across Biscayne Bay. You can visit my galleries to discover a host of prints, gifts and apparel…

  • Vintage Miami Beach

    Vintage Miami Beach

    Vintage graphic art featuring a photograph I shot while visiting Miami Beach, Florida, many moons ago. A plethora of great prints, gifts & other items are available here:

  • Waves of Reflection

    Waves of Reflection

    This photograph of the Atlantic Ocean was taken from Miami Beach, Florida, with added geometric circles, shadows and a lime color overlay. It’s available of products via Society 6, Redbubble & Pixels.

  • Miami Beach, Florida

    Sailboat On Biscayne Bay

    Prints available. Drop anchor, chill out, kick back and imbibe an ice cold Margarita as you enjoy the tropical breeze in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida. And, after an evening under the stars, set sail for an adventure on the Atlantic Ocean. Life is good!!!

  • Vintage Miami, Florida

    Vintage Miami, Florida

    This vintage photograph of Miami, Florida was taken from an apartment across Biscayne Bay, in Miami Beach, and features several graphic design modifications. Prints & more are available in my shops at Pixels and ArtFlakes. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Southern Destination

    Southern Destination

    Palm trees & oceanside hotels await visitors at this abstract southern destination. Take a trip to my shop at Pixels to see more!

  • Vintage Miami Sunset

    Vintage Miami Sunset

    Enjoy a variety of products featuring this stylized vintage photograph of the Miami, Florida skyline at sunset, as seen from across Biscayne Bay. Visit my shops at Pixels and/or Zazzle.

  • Atlantic Ocean

    Atlantic Ocean

    This is the Atlantic Ocean, as seen from Miami Beach, Florida, circa 2009, photographed using an average digital camera. I’ve added it to my gallery at Pixels.


  • Sunset Over Miami

    Sunset Over Miami

    This photograph was taken from an apartment balcony in Miami Beach, and features a bright sunset over north Miami, Florida. I’ve added it to my gallery at Fine Art America, where, among other items, a wide variety of print types are available…check it out.

  • Atlantic Ocean Shoreline

    Atlantic Ocean Shoreline

    Enjoy my digital rendition of Atlantic Ocean waves washing up along a sandy beach. Based on a photograph taken at South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida. Bring the summer into your home or office by visiting my gallery at Fine Art America to select a print. Options include framed, canvas, art, metal, acrylic and wood. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sailboat Anchored For The Night

    Sailboat Anchored For The Night

    Looking to decorate your walls at home or in the office? If so, have a look at the several different print types which are available in my gallery at Pixels, including: framed, canvas, metal, acrylic, prints and posters. Enjoy this sunset evening scene of a sailboat anchored in Biscayne Bay, with the skyline of Miami in the background.

  • An Evening In Miami Beach Print

    An Evening In Miami Beach Print


    Enjoy this framed print featuring a vintage photograph taken on a summer evening in Miami Beach, Florida, overlooking Biscayne Bay toward the city of Miami. Select size, frame, mat, paper and finish options to make it your own!

  • Miami Beach Florida Framed Print

    Miami Beach Florida Framed Print


    Enjoy this framed print featuring a creative graphic design of Miami Beach, Florida. Many different sizes and framing options are available, as well as other items, too.